ThinkGeek MegaDeals sale knocks up to 75% off over 500 items


ThinkGeek is having a Megasale with too many deep price cuts to list.  Just kidding, best are all below:

Products at $1.00

Portal 2 Interactive Gels was $14.99

Portal iPhone Skins was $14.99

Airborne Microbes Screaming Diseases was $9.99

iSoldier Phone Stand was $9.99

Bacon Gummy was $4.99

Monsterology iPad Nuko Card Game was $4.99

Bacon Mints was $2.99


Products at $1.99:

Totem – Stackable Air Drying Cups was $14.99

Alien Egg Ice Cube Tray was $9.99

Figure 9 Carabiner was $5.99

Pet Top Portable Drinking Device was $5.99

Prank Powder Decepti-candy was $5.99

Zombie Jerky was $5.99

Bacon Gumballs was $3.99

Products at $2.99:

Moon Rover Rescue Ball Toy was $19.99

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies was $10.99

Adam’s Cube 6-in-1 Puzzle was $9.99

Knuckle Pounder Meat Tenderizer was $9.99

Caffeinated Chocolate Milk Straws was $7.99

Ninja Sticky Notes was $7.99

Bandits – Elastic Organizers was $6.99

Zombie Brain Gelatin Mold was $6.99

“Nuclear Family” Ghostbusters Window Decal was $5.99

Products at $3.99:

Tac Snac Tactical Snack Sticks was $19.99

The Complete Manual of Things that Might Kill You was $17.99

Fiendish Japanese Pocket Puzzle was $12.99

Angry Birds Wall Clings was $9.99

Twilight Zone “To Serve Man” Journal was $9.99

Wonder Woman Night Light was $9.99

Zombie Insurance Kit was $9.99

70 Japanese Gestures was $9.95

Robocup Measuring Cups was $7.99

Products at $4.99:

Anatomy Apron was $29.99

invisibleSHIELD for iPhone 4 & 4S was $22.99

Infant Troubleshooting Magnetic Flow Chart was $21.99

Lightsaber Handle Flashlights was $19.99

Space Food Sampler was $19.99

Global Power Converter was $19.99

LED Work Gloves was $14.99

Air Picks was $11.99

Kaos Cyclops Water Balloon Launcher was $11.99

Stickman Action Figure was $11.99

Products at $5.99:

PadTab – Wall Mount for iPad was $19.99

MagnoGrip was $14.99

Wi-fi Detector Cap was $14.99

Into Focus Camera Lens Coffee Mug was $14.99

Spilt Milk Cereal Bowl was $14.99

Alien Head Ice Cube Tray was $9.99

Angry Birds Space Plush w/ Sound was $9.99

Products at $6.99:

The Star Wars Cookbook was $14.99

Products at $7.99:

PadManila Leather Padded Sleeve For iPad was $39.99

Ashiato Animal Flip Flops was $29.99

R/C Zombie was $24.99

Scrolling LED Belt Buckle II was $24.99

MiniDock for iPhone was $19.99

Harry Potter Quidditch Goggles was $14.99

Universal Bike Mounted Gadget Holder was $14.99

Build-a-Zombie 2013 Paper Craft Calendar was $14.99

Stickman Action Figure was $11.99

Products at $9.99:

The Art & Making of Star Wars: The Old Republic was $39.99

SoundRacer Street Racing Engine Simulator was $34.99

Ladies of Battlestar Galactica Poster Set was $34.99

Recesky Twin Lens Reflex Camera Kit was $29.99

Comic Con – DVD – Limited Edition w/Stan Lee and Harry Knowles was $29.99

Dual USB 4.2 Amp AC Adapter With 6ft Charge/Sync Cable was $29.99

DIY Classic Desk Lamp was $29.99

Wyvern Pendant was $24.99

Angry Birds Fuzzy Slippers was $24.99

Cosmonaut Capacitive Touch Stylus was $24.99

World of Warcraft Mega Bloks Barren Lands Chase was $22.99

Mr. Bacon’s Big Adventure Board Game was $19.99

Exclusive Zombie Monkey Plush was $14.99

Products at $12.99:

ThinkGeek Bluetooth Retro Handset was $49.99

Double Barrel Marshmallow Shooter was $34.99

World of Warcraft Mega Bloks Arthas and Sindragosa was $32.99

Fabric Sun Art Kit was $29.99

ToolLogic Firesteel Knife was $29.99

Gloomy Bear Plush was $24.99

Products at $14.99:

Cloak Camera Bag was $59.99

Battlestar Galactica Flash Drive was $49.99

Knaxe Knife-Axe Survival Tool was $44.99

Magnetapult Magnetic Catapult Kit was $29.99

Onion Goggles was $29.99

Products at $16.99:

iCADE Mobile – Gaming System for iPhone was $69.99

Products at $19.99:

Planetary Gears Corkscrew was $69.99

Star Wars Darth Vader Desk Lamp was $44.99

World of Warcraft Mega Bloks Siege Engine Attack was $41.99

Battlestar Galactica Coaster Set was $39.99

Exclusive AT-AT Plush Utility Bag was $39.99

Mantis BK-2B Bottleneck Knife was $39.99

Products at $24.99:

Stealth Touch Mouse was $69.99

Star Trek Ties was $49.99

Darth Vader USB Hub was $49.99

Star Trek: TNG Mounted Cast Plaques was $49.99

Portal Weighted Companion Cube “Fuzzy Dice” was $29.99

Admiral Ackbar Talking Plush was $29.99

Products at $29.99:

Marvel Comics Bathrobes was $69.99

Space Bar Keyboard Organizer & USB Hub was $59.99

Ka-Bar Zombie Killer Knives was $59.99

Products at $34.99:

DC Comics Bathrobes was $59.99

Gerber Tripod Multitool                was $59.99

Ducti Stop-Sign Messenger Bag was $59.99

Star Trek: TNG Mounted Cast Plaques was $49.99

Products at $39.99:

Calabi-Yau Manifold Glass Sculpture was $69.99

Gizmon Camera Style Case for iPhone was $64.99

Bazinga! Hoodie version 2.0 was $49.99

Products at $44.99:

ProMini Wireless Keyboard with Trackpad was $69.99


Products at $49.99:

BiKN for iPhone – Lost & Found Tagging System was $129.99

Wall Switch Watch was $99.99

Doctor Who Bathrobes was $69.99

Products at $59.99:

XGaming USB Joystick was $99.99

Hypnocube Animated LED Cube was $99.99

Products at $64.99:

Mini Rechargeable USB Turntable was $99.99

Products at $69.99:

Kiwi Bluetooth Android Phone Car Diagnostic Kit was $99.99

Products at $79.99:

Photo Cube – iPhone Photo Printer – Photo Printer was $149.99

Karotz – Wifi Interactive Smart Rabbit was $129.99


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