Tintag Bluetooth item tracker takes aim at Tile’s biggest shortcoming


Tintag is a new Bluetooth lost item tracker that’s taking on current trackers who fall short in the battery department. Traditionally, trackers have either had replaceable batteries or non-rechargeable permanent batteries. The first solution is a hassle because you need to keep batteries on hand and the second solution is wasteful and costly since you’ll need to replace the entire tracker.

Tintag thinks it solved both of those problems by being the first rechargeable item tracker…

After just 6 hours on its home charger, the Tintag will have enough juice help you locate your most valuable personal possessions for up to four months. Simply recharge it once the battery is exhausted. No need to trek out to the store to buy replacement batteries or recycle your dead tracker.

Use the Tintag Android or iOS app to track your personal items by “the beep of the buzzer or quietly with the flash of a LED.” You can even connect a single TinTag to multiple phones, which comes in handy for parents who’d like to keep tabs on their children or family pets.

The included home base also acts as a hot spot, so as the Tintag community grows it’ll be even easier to track lost items if they fall outside the tracker’s native range (100 meters). However, you can also use Tintag to alert you when an item is no longer in close proximity to you

Tintag has currently raised 81% of its entire funding goal and still has 46 days left. Contributors can expect to receive their trackers beginning in April of 2015.

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Tintag Launches World’s First Rechargeable Item Tracking Device 

and Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign 

Tintag is the Easiest, Most Complete and Reliable Solution 

to Track and Find Any Lost Item, Big or Small and Near or Far 

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. – September 18, 2014 – Today Tintag announced the first wireless rechargeable item tracking device to find keys, phones, pets, bags and any other lost items big or small and near or far.  Unlike other solutions, the tiny waterproof Tintag devices also have more ways to notify users of the location of their lost items and can be connected to multiple smartphones at the same time.  Tintag is also running a two-month Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, which has already reached 54 percent of its goal in only the first week.

Unlike other solutions that require users to replace batteries or buy new devices (Tile or TrackR bravo), the Tintag Home Base Companion wirelessly recharges Tintag devices for four months of usage after six hours of charging.  This video briefly explains what Tintag can do:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tvpY7oIs4Ow.

How Tintag Finds Items 

Using advanced Bluetooth technology with an improved antenna, the Tintag mobile apps (iOS and Android) help consumers quickly find any lost object that has the small Tintag device attached (via a sticker or small metal hoop).  Unlike other tracking devices, Tintag devices offer more ways to find lost items:  1) a flash of LED lights, 2) a beep sound, and 3) an action button that allows a user to “ring” his/her phone or other paired mobile device within about 150 feet (or 50 meters). Users can set their preferred notification method for each item in the mobile app.

With the Keep Close option on the Tintag app, users can set a preferred distance and get alerted if an item moves farther than this distance. The Tintag app allows users to track and find an unlimited number of items.  It also saves the history of locations each time an item changes its location, helping users easily remember where they’ve left their item.

One Tintag for Multiple Phones 

Unlike traditional tracking devices, a Tintag device can be connected to multiple phones at the same time (iPhone and/or Android phones).  This is helpful, for example, if both parents want to simultaneously locate their child or pet.  Tintag devices are sturdy (polymer front and back covers), small (39.2mm x 28mm), wireless and waterproof.  Tintag does not yet work with Windows or Blackberry phones.

Finding Items Far Away

The Home Base Companion can also function as a Bluetooth hotspot that constantly scans for Tintag devices day and night.  In the future, Tintag eventually plans to use multiple Home Base Companions to create a network of hotspots that help users to track and find lost items from far away (e.g., a café, store, a friend or relative’s house, etc).  Consumers also form a “lost and found community,” so when someone finds a lost item and enters the Tintag’s unique ID on www.found.tint.ag, users immediately receive a notification with the location of the item. In addition, if another Tintag user passes by an item marked as lost, the owner of the lost item receives a notification with the item’s location.

Safe and Secure 

Tintag fully protects user privacy.  It does not require users to create an account to its mobile app.  And Tintag stores data anonymously, ensuring that a person’s information is safe and can never be linked to his/her identity.

Pricing and Availability

Tintag is available now for pre-order and the company plans to ship the first 500 prototypes with beta mobile apps as soon as November 2014.  Fully optimized Tintag devices and apps are slated to ship in April 2015.  During the Indiegogo campaign, one Tintag device with its home base charger costs only $19 (a $30 retail price value).

“We’re very excited and proud to have successfully made the first batch of prototypes with advanced technology, including several parts that we built from scratch,” said Andrei Vig, co-founder of Tintag.  “Our Indiegogo funders will get a great taste of what Tintag can do and receive various reward packages based on their level of financial support,” added co-founder Alexandru Chis.

About Tintag

Tintag is the easiest, most complete and reliable way to track and find any lost item.  Small, wireless and waterproof, Tintag devices can be attached to any object large or small.  The Tintag mobile app allows users to track and find the location of any object that has a Tintag device attached. Tintag users find lost items with the sound of a beep, the flash of an LED light, or by an action button that allows users to “ring” their phone or other paired mobile device. Headquartered in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, Tintag was founded by entrepreneurs Alexandru Chis and Andrei Vig.  For more information, visit www.thetintag.com.

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