Nyko announces the first portable HDMI dock for Nintendo Switch w/ new chargers and cases

Nintendo is kicking off its presence at E3 this morning with a bunch of new games for its console, but Nyko has quietly made some big announcements for the console as well in the form of several new accessories. While chargers, cases, and controllers are all included here, Nyko’s biggest reveal is the first portable HDMI dock for the Switch, and it all releases in the coming weeks.

Portable Docking Kit

Without a doubt the biggest news here is the announcement of the first portable dock for the Switch. Nintendo’s official dock gets the job done for throwing content to the big screen over HDMI, but it’s big, bulky, and not travel-friendly. Fans have been begging for a portable solution and now that’s exactly what Nyko is offering. This self-contained Switch dock plugs into the Switch over USB-C with a super compact design that offers the standard HDMI, USB-C power, but no standard USB ports for peripherals. This dock is basically as small as you can get, and it even includes a USB-C power plug in the $45 price tag. Sales start this Fall.

Portable Docking Kit is a compact docking station that allows players to easily connect the Switch console to a TV without carrying their home dock everywhere with them. Powered by a USB Type-C AC Adapter, the kit keeps the Switch charged while playing on the TV and includes a built-in stand to keep the console upright, with ports for the HDMI cable and AC adapter.


Charge Block for Joy-Cons

If you have multiple sets of Joy-Cons, you may eventually find yourself running low on power with the spares after a few sessions of multiplayer MarioKart. Nyko’s new Charge Block fixes that by giving you an easy place to charge up your Joy-Cons that fits nicely with the Switch’s dock design. Pricing lands at $29 and it holds 2 sets of Joy-Cons with a release this August.


Charge Block Pro for Switch Pro Controller

Along with the Joy-Con charging dock, Nyko is also bringing an option for Pro Controller users. The Nyko Charge Block Pro is a simple charging dock for the Pro Controller that gives the controller a simple “wireless” charging option using POGO pins. For $19.99 it looks pretty awesome.

Charge Base for Switch

Nyko is also preparing to offer a special charging dock for the Switch which not only charges the console, but also a spare set of Joy-Cons on the back. It debuts in August for $29.99.

Clip Grip Power

Nyko’s Clip Grip Power is a Joy-Con accessory with a twist. It offers up charging functionality in the standard controller form factor, but it also includes a holster for your smartphone which adds the ability to use Nintendo’s upcoming Online app without putting down your controller. It even includes built-in storage space for game cards and microSD cards. Pricing lands at a reasonable $24.99 and it will be available this month.

Power Pak & Boost Pak for Switch

For those looking to add power on the go without using a battery bank, Nyko’s Power Pak and Boost Pak are also coming soon. The Power Pak is a case that wraps around the Switch and adds a 5,000mAh battery to the machine along with a stronger rear kickstand. Nyko says it can double the battery life of the console. The Boost Pak, on the other hand, is a battery bank that attaches directly to the Switch and can even be recharged through the dock which adds 3 hours of battery to the Switch. Pricing on these land at $39.99 and $29.99 respectively.

Update: The Nyko Power Pak is now available.


Power Shell Case

Nyko’s latest case for the Switch doubles as a 6,000mAh battery. Simply dock the Switch inside and you’ll be able to charge it up on the go, even while in use. The case also offers space for game cards and small accessories. Pricing lands at $39.99.

Thin Case & Bubble Case for Switch

Nyko is also offering two new cases for the Switch, one that adds a bit of neon color in a thin profile, and another which adds a lot of protection and grip without adding a ton of bulk. Pricing on the two land at $9.99 for the Thin Case and $19.99 for the Bubble Case.

Grips, Kickstands, & Bands

Along with all of those accessories, Nyko has a few unique options coming soon that fit a lot of different use cases.

Intercooler for Switch

If you’re Switch is stored somewhere which lacks strong ventilation, the Intercooler is a must-buy. For $29.99 it attaches to your Switch’s dock and improves the airflow with extra (quiet) fans. It can even be powered by the Switch’s USB ports.

Core Controller

Nyko’s new Core Controller also offers up a traditional controller experience for an affordable price. The wired controller connects over USB to the Switch with lag-free play and a programmable turbo button. Pricing lands at $29.99.

Swivel Grip

In an effort to make an ergonomic Joy-Con, the Nyko Swivel Grip adds “wings” to the side of the Joy-Cons that can easy come out when needed, then folded back again when the controller is docked to the console. Pricing lands at $9.99.

Kickstand for Switch

The kickstand on the Switch is pretty irritating, so Nyko is looking to improve on it a bit. It does this by adding a metal kickstand to the console which offers a stronger foundation and a built-in cutout for easy access to the microSD card. If you use the kickstand on your Switch a lot, the $4.99 asking price is absolutely worthwhile when this debuts in August.

Dock Bands

To avoid scratches from the Switch’s dock, Nyko’s Dock Bands space out the console from the dock just a bit while also providing a more secure fit. A set of two also lands at $4.99 is available for purchase now.

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