The Super Nt [Classic] plays original SNES cartridges, but at native 1080P

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Classic consoles are making a comeback it seems. Most recently, we had the SNES Classic launch and the C64 Mini announced, but now there is the Super Nt [Classic]. One thing that the relaunches of the SNES and C64 have is emulation. They are smaller consoles to the originals and have all of the games stored internally. This is both convenient, and sometimes a little frustrating. Chances are, there will always be a few games that you’d want to play on the latest retro console you picked up but can’t due to licensing issues. This exact issue is why the Super Nt [Classic] was created.

The Super Nt [Classic] doesn’t use any emulation. In fact, it ships with no games at all. The entire idea behind the Super Nt [Classic] is to get away from emulation and upgrade what Nintendo did right so many years ago. With the Super Nt [Classic] you can insert any game cartridge from the SNES or Super Famicom into the slot and start playing. The Super Nt is also compatible with a new wireless controller as well, or you can use the original accessories that came with the old SNES. It’s really your choice! Analogue, the company behind the Super Nt, claims that you can play over 2,200 SNES and Super Famicom games when using the Super Nt. There are also a few choices when it comes to colors of the Super Nt; black, classic, clear, or Super Famicom style. My personal favorite is clear, pictured below.

But, why would someone buy the Super Nt over something easier like the SNES Classic? It comes down to game compatibility and resolution. Analogue claims to have spent years developing a special ‘FPGA Hardware’ that allows you to play original games in full 1080P quality with high fidelity audio over HDMI. They claim to have zero lag with “every pixel being razor sharp with astounding levels of clarity.”

The Super Nt is compatible with most resolutions, outputting full 1080P, 720P, and even 480P for those older games or televisions. It has scanline options, scaler options, horizontal position and stretch adjustments, as well as vertical adjustments for your viewing pleasure depending on what game you play on what TV. It’s also intelligent when playing the games, automatically scaling and upconverting them as the need arises.

Costing $190, the Super Nt is quite a bit more expensive than its cheaper cousin the SNES Classic, but it gives so much more flexibility. I personally have a friend who has a huge NES and SNES game collection, though he struggles to keep his NES and SNES fully functional. So, if you’re a hard-core gamer who can’t let go of the old days of Nintendo like my friend who has a massive collection of original games, this is the console for you.

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