Tabs launches family-focused home monitoring kit w/ parental controls, location tracking, more

Update: Tabs is now available for purchase directly from their site and has bypassed its Kickstarter campaign. The first batch of orders are said to be arriving in the coming weeks, so early adopters will have the new system in their hands much sooner than expected.

It seems like all of the more recent connected-DIY home security systems focus on one main thing, thwarting potential break-ins. Of course that’s all well and good, but what about parents who just want to remotely make sure their children have made it home safely from school? That’s where Tabs comes in, a home monitoring solution geared towards families.

Compared to other home monitoring systems we’ve seen at CES this week, Tabs is a more general purpose solution. So while you’ll still find all the typical features that the average security system packs, Tabs takes its monitoring capabilities to the next level and offers a suit of tools to track everything from location, air quality and even set internet-based parental controls.

Like many of its kind, Tabs is also based around a hub that does the heavy-lifting when it comes to communicating with the system’s external sensors. Amongst the home-monitoring peripherals there’s of course the expected door and window sensors as well as motion, and the Healthy Home sensor that tracks air quality, humidity and more.

In terms of location, Tabs’ lineup of accessories also boasts two different trackers; a Tile-style beacon as well as a smartwatch-themed one. Rounding out the devices is the Configurable Push Button that works with Alexa, IFTTT and other existing devices and allows you to set up customizable actions.

All of Tabs’ devices send notifications to alert you when the front door has opened, the location of your bag has changed or the humidity in the room exceeds a certain threshold. This is in-line with other solutions, but still provides peace-of-mind when you aren’t physically around to make sure all is well at home.

But turning our attention back to the Tabs’ hub, the family friendly home monitoring system also sports pretty robust internet-based and parental control capabilities. The hub itself is also a Wi-Fi router that incorporates the ability to set timers for internet use, limit content and more. It can also connect over Wi-Fi and act as a network range extender.

Tabs’ suite of devices add up to a strong solution for those looking to monitor their home’s overall health. As of now it is seeking funding over on Kickstarter and since just going live this morning, has raised nearly 10% of its $50,000 campaign goal. There are 2 main bundles available for preorder, the Home Monitoring kit at $229 and a couple more expensive options from $249-$299.

Having just got my hands on a review unit, I have extremely solid first impressions. All of the devices are very-well made and set-up was an absolute breeze.

In the coming weeks we’ll be back with a full hands-on review. While there is still risks associated with crowd-funding campaigns, the fact that Tabs already seems ready to go gives me high-hopes for the home monitoring solution. Unlike other products we’ve seen, it looks like Tabs is just opting to use Kickstarter to handle preorders rather than to fund the creation of its devices.


Introducing Tabs: The Location and Home Monitoring Solution Bringing Peace of Mind to Families

The ultimate fully-integrated protection solution enabling smart neighborhood launches at CES 2018

Las Vegas, NV – (January 9, 2017) – TrackNet, Inc., a cutting-edge LoRaWAN™ Internet of Things (IoT) solutions provider, today announced the launch of Tabs, the all-in-one, low-cost smart home monitoring solution at CES 2018. Managed by a simple mobile app and designed to maximize communication and awareness for families, Tabs suite of devices monitors children’s activities and pinpoints their location, ensures the security and health of the home indoors and outdoors, and protects children from inappropriate content online with Wi-Fi parental controls. Tabs provides users with peace of mind by combining all things related to home and family into a single and easy to use solution.

“We created Tabs with safety as a top priority and we’re excited to showcase the most robust and reliable IoT technology on the market today” said Hardy Schmidbauer, CEO & Co-founder of TrackNet. “Tabs will quickly become the primary platform for all things related to home and family safety.”

The Tabs suite of devices currently includes:

  • Wearable Wristband Locator – The Wristband Locator gives parents better visibility into their children’s location and activities through the mobile app. Children can send predefined messages such as “I’m safe,” or “Ready for pickup!”  Parents can buzz their children through the mobile app with a vibration alert through the wearable.
  • Object Locator – The Object Locator helps keep track of valuable items. Users attach the object locator to valuable items and the Tabs app monitors the item’s location for easy recovery in case of loss or theft.
  • Motion Sensor – The Motion Sensor detects motion around multiple entries at once with the wide-angle, wall-mounted sensor. The Tabs app allows users to set up custom alerts to provide better visibility into what’s happening while they’re away or asleep.
  • Door and Window Sensor – The Door and Window sensor pairs with the mobile app to let users know when a family member arrives home or if someone accesses the home while they’re away.
  • Healthy Home Sensor – The Healthy Home Sensor alerts a user to harmful contaminants in their home’s air quality including Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) as well as major changes in humidity or temperature.
  • Configurable Push Button – The Push Button allows users to configure different functionality in the mobile app, such as elderly neighbor who might need help.  Tabs will integrate with IFTTT, Amazon Alexa, and Google Home so they can interface with existing home solutions in the first half of 2018.
  • Wi-Fi Parental Controls – Parental controls shield children from inappropriate web content, control how much time they spend online, view all device history and allow users to block certain website categories.

Tabs is the first solution widely available to consumers based on LoRaWAN™ technology. This has a number of advantages compared to the other technologies currently being utilized. A single Tabs Hub easily covers an entire neighborhood ensuring that there are no connectivity challenges and permits applications outside of the home. Each Tabs Hub becomes part of the same seamless Tabs LoRaWAN™ network. The more Tabs Hubs deployed in the area, the better the network coverage which benefits all Tabs users, extending smart home technology into smart neighborhood innovation.

During CES, Tabs will be featured at Pepcom’s Digital Experience! on January 8, 2018, as well as at the LoRA Alliance booth #2121 in Tech East at the Westgate Resort.

Tabs is now in mass production and available for ordering on Kickstarter starting at $229, in addition to lifetime free subscription costs (valued at $240 per year when compared to Nest). For ordering, visit Thereafter, the solution will be available for purchase online and various resellers as well as at

About Tabs

Tabs is an all-in-one smart home and locator solution that provides busy families with piece of mind. The suite of devices equipped with door, window and air quality sensors is powered by a simple mobile app that helps parents keep track of what matters most. Designed to maximize communication and safety for families, Tabs monitors children’s activities and pinpoints their location, ensures the security and health of the home, and protects children from inappropriate content online with Wi-Fi parental controls.

For more information, please visit:


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