Tetra is an iPhone-connected portable dishwasher that will also cook seafood

You may have heard of Heatworks before, the brand behind those sleek iPhone-connected water heaters. CES 2018 delivered a new creation from the brand that’s designed for apartment dwellers and those running low on space. Tetra is a countertop dishwasher from Heatworks and design group ‘frog’ that offers smartphone features, a unique (and attractive) design along with the ability to clean an entire load in 10 minutes.

Of course, you can control the entire thing with your iPhone, too.

Whether fresh out of college or renting an apartment in the city, chances are you’ve been in a home that doesn’t sport a dishwasher. It’s a luxury that sure makes life a lot easier, but has generally lacked much in the way of innovation over the last few years.

Tetra uses graphite electrodes to heat up water that is poured in by the user before each cycle. It does not require any plumbing and is operated by the touch of a button or via the smartphone app. Each load can handle around a dozen plates, glasses or cups, so it’s best-suited for individuals.

While the ability to bring a dishwasher setup to your small space is appealing, the unit itself has some attractive details. The base looks like anodized aluminum and the glass shell is a nice touch. In addition to the previously mentioned cleaning features, Tetra has one more trick up its sleeve.

The countertop unit can also be used to cook seafood. Yes, you read that right. Tetra leverages its built-in steaming technology to cook lobster, fish and other goodies. Heatworks also claims that you can clean your fruit with a another setting.

Each wash takes around 10 minutes to complete and can be customized with the app based on what items are loaded.

Tetra is set to hit the market in late 2018 with a price tag of just under $300. That’s about 25% less than the entry-level price of most standard dishwashers on the market today. The attractive casing mixed with iPhone connectivity make Tetra an intriguing option that might be worth a look after it launches.


Heatworks Announced Connected Countertop Dishwasher at CES 2018

This past Sunday during Unveiled at CES 2018, Heatworks launched its latest home appliance, Tetra, an internet-connected compact countertop dishwasher. Because it requires no plumbing and can be placed and used anywhere with a standard electrical outlet, it’s a crowd favorite.

With a smaller capacity than the average dishwasher available on the market today, Tetra holds two full place settings (including plates, bowls, cups, and flatware) or 10 plates or 12 pint glasses. It’s compact on purpose.

“Our research indicates that although the average household is comprised of 2.58 people, the modern dishwasher holds place settings for 13 or more,” said Jerry Callahan, CEO and founder of Heatworks. “This makes people believe that they either need to handwash their few dirty dishes — which wastes 10 times more water than using a dishwasher — or wait for a fill load to run a cycle. With Tetra, we hope to change people’s mindset.”

Just think, if a two-person household were to switch from handwashing to a dishwasher for one meal a day, they could save 1500 gallons of water a year.

There are no faucet connections required and water is loaded by hand so users know exactly how much water is being used – about a half a gallon per load. There is also an internal detergent reservoir that will last dozens of cycles. And the coolest feature? Tetra is transparent so you can see exactly where in the dishwashing cycle it is.

Tetra is powered by Heatworks’ patented Ohmic Array Technology. It does not use traditional metal heating elements that can rust and scale over time. Instead, through graphite electrodes and advanced electronic controls, the naturally occurring minerals in water are excited, directly and efficiently heating the water. This allows for a more precise temperature control temperature — you can easily sanitize baby products, wash plastic storage containers without melting, cook seafood, clean fruit, or run a load of wine glasses on a gentler cycle.

All this in just 10 minutes a load. And, since water is used as the heating element, the hot water is purer than water from any other dishwasher available in the industry today.

Tetra will cost under $300 and will be available for purchase in late 2018.

This is the second project Heatworks collaborated with global design firm, frog. The first was the MODEL 3 Water Heater, which was recently selected as a CES 2018 Innovation Awards HONOREE in the Home Appliances product category.


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