Nintendo’s Toy-Con Garage will let you build your own cardboard accessories for the Switch

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It has been a big week for Nintendo and the Switch. Kicking off with an astounding sales report and details about its Switch Online service, now Nintendo has closed out the week by showing off some more details on one of its latest ventures. Back in January, Labo launched to a surprising reception. And with what may very well turn out to be one of the more creative uses, the newly teased Toy-Con Garage lets you create your very own cardboard accessories and more.

Nintendo Labo was unveiled last month to some pretty mixed reactions. But regardless of your stance, it’s hard for even skeptics to deny that this is a very Nintendo thing to do. The cardboard-based accessories open a whole new dimension for Nintendo to explore when it comes to add-ons for its latest console.

While Nintendo currently has two starter kits ready for its launch in April, the cardboard builds are great for do-it-yourselfers and tinkerers looking to experiment with the unique system.

And that’s precisely where Toy-Con Garage comes into play. While we did get a glimpse at what the feature may entail back in the announcement video, Nintendo has finally shed more light on Labo. Garage effectively gives you access to remap all of the actions for existing Toy-Con projects, or to design your own from scratch. So you can modify one of the starter kits to your liking, or just design an entirely new accessory all-together.

The latter of these two uses — getting to build your own accessories from scratch — seems to be the perfect application of Labo. The extremely open-ended nature of Toy-Con Garage pushes for creativity and teaches basic programming concepts along the way. Garage packs just about all of the actions present in its own starter kit projects, meaning you can design creations that react to motion, button clicks, and more.

Nintendo has clearly been having fun with Garage as well, having built creations like a working bank, a vending machine, a two-player table tennis game and even a functional guitar to show off just how impressive the software is.

Not only is this great for inspiring STEAM-related mindsets at an early age, but it should also extend the lifespan of Labo pretty far into the future. So long as you can come up with a new game or accessory to program, Labo will be there to keep you occupied. At this point it appears that Toy-Con Garage will be included alongside each of the Labo kits.

While I am pumped to get my hands on both of the Labo Starter Kits at launch, Toy-Con Garage is by far the most interesting project in the lineup so far in my opinion. It’ll definitely be a hit with younger Switch owners, and from an early look, appears to add more comprehensive ‘gameplay’ to the cardboard accessory system.

Source: Polygon

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