Review: Turn yourself into a custom brick-built figure with LEGO’s new Go Brick Me set

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LEGO has really been pushing BrickHeadz since the series’ debut back in 2017. While the company kicked off the lineup with some popular characters at first, LEGO has begun branching out into new areas like creating their figures own for holidays. Now with the Go Brick Me kit, builders will be able to create and customize their very own BrickHeadz figures. The kit will be hitting store shelves come April 1st, but be sure to hit the jump for our first impressions and hands-on review.

Last month at New York Toy Fair we got an early look at the set, and now after getting our hands on the kit for a longer period of time, we’re ready to see what LEGO’s latest has to offer. In just about every way, well other than being a LEGO set, the Go Brick Me kit is one of the most unique entries into the LEGO lineup in some time.

From the steps you’ll follow to assemble the kit, to the final model you’ll end up with after contraction, LEGO has certainly decided to shake things up this time.

Unique instructions |

Normal LEGO kits have linear set progression, but not this time around. One of the first things you’ll notice is that the Go Brick Me set’s module making means that instead of starting out with the first steps of your build, you’ll be presented with a variety of different figures. There are 13 different hairstyles to choose from throughout the instructions, which cover every style from trendy hipsters and sporty baseball cap-wearers to those with pigtails and thick-rimmed glasses.

Complementing the kit’s selection of ways to style your brick-built avatar’s hair and headwear, it also includes six different torso designs to choose. These can be assembled in a variety of colors, adding further levels of customization to your unique BrickHeadz figure. Rounding out the main ways to stylize your figure are three different skin tone-colored elements ranging from tan, dark tan, and brown.

A wide variety of parts |

But of course, these aren’t the only ways to help your custom BrickHeadz figure stand out. Included alongside the rest of the pieces are a few different accessories to further bring some of your personality into your build. Some of the more noteworthy pieces are a surfboard, trophy, camera, guitar, and more.

Facial-wear is a big emphasis with the Go Brick Me kit, as there are 2 brand new eyeglass elements packed within the set as well. These are fantastic additions to the otherwise extremely solid kit and will definitely be appreciated by LEGO builders for use in other custom creations.

All-in all, the Go Brick Me kit packs a wide range of unique parts spanning a pretty diverse color palate, especially for its inexpensive $30 price tag. Spread across 7 different bags, the set’s 708 pieces are anything but the typical assortment of bricks.

A 40-sticker sheet rounds out the customization elements, which includes logos from a variety of LEGO themes like Classic Space and Blacktron alongside other accessories like bowties, pockets and more. And as great as it is that LEGO included further ways to customize the figures, I can’t help but be a little disappointed that a few of these weren’t included as printed elements. But so it goes.

So how do all of these pieces stack up? |

With all of the pieces included in the Go brick Me set, you’ll be able to assemble two different custom BrickHeadz figures at a given time. LEGO provides just enough instructions and inspiration to get you going, allowing a builder to create their very own, unique figure.

Back when I saw the new BrickHeadz set at Toy Fair, I immediately had a feeling it would be a hit with younger fans, but I had no idea how much I’d enjoy the set myself. But that skepticism turned out to be completely unfounded, as the finished builds were just delightful.

Final thoughts |

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of the BrickHeadz lineup. Other collectible figures on the market like Funko POP! have just never interested me, but something about LEGO’s version just ticked all the boxes for me. With a variety of similar characters, BrickHeadz have never really been able to stand out in my opinion, well, other than being made of LEGO bricks. But with the Go Brick Me set, LEGO is very clearly shifting its emphasis towards creativity, something that pays off immensely here.

In my book, the Go Brick Me is an easy sell. If you like LEGO’s BrickHeadz and would love to design your own, this set is a must. It enters as a kit with one of the best values in terms of its part-to-price ratio and is a bargain at just $30. LEGO’s latest will certainly be a hit with kids, but even older fans should have no problems channeling their creativity to customize their own characters.

The Go Brick Me will be available directly from LEGO on April 1st with a retail price of $30. In the meantime, Amazon has you covered with a variety of BrickHeadz starting under $10!

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