JAM Audio launches ANC headphones, Bluetooth speakers, and more w/ new branding

JAM Audio is a well-known brand when it comes to Bluetooth speakers. They’re best known for the Symphony Wi-Fi speaker system that has Alexa built-in, but the company recently completely rebranded itself with new products, a new logo, and more.

With its new brand, JAM Audio is launching not just a few new products, but over 10 new items ranging from waterproof speakers to Bluetooth headphones. One stand-out feature from JAM’s latest speakers is that they will feature 100-ft. range over Bluetooth, which is up from the regular 30-ft. range.

Every Bluetooth speaker (more below on the individual offerings) will also feature aux-in, IP67 waterproof ratings, and have battery life starting at 8-hours.

First, you have the Chill line of speakers, which consists of the Chill Out, Double Chill, and Zero Chill. The Chill Out is the more compact offering that can fit in the palm of your hand and features the upgraded 100-ft. Bluetooth range, and will run you $29.99.

The Double Chill is a fabric-lined Bluetooth speaker that features “studio-sound” while two of them can be paired for stereo sound. The Double Chill costs $39.99. Stepping it up a bit you have the Zero Chill which is the largest in the series, packing 22-hours of battery and has a sleek, elongated look at $59.99.

Next, there’s the Hang series which has the Hang Up, Hang Tight, and Hang Around. The Hang Up is a waterproof Bluetooth speaker that has a sticky pad so it can hang on a wall, shower, or anywhere else. After use, just rinse the sticky pad off and it’s ready to go again, all for $19.99.

The Hang Tight features a fabric loop and is submersible so you can use it around the pool, tub, or anything else for $39.99. The Hang Around features dual drivers, dual passive bass radiators, and great stereo sound at $49.99.

The Live series is next with the Live Loose, Live Large, Live Fast, and Live True. Live Loose is a Bluetooth headset that features a lightweight design and hands-free calling with a sweatproof build so they’re great for the gym and more at $19.99.

The Live Large comes with a 50-ft. Bluetooth range and feature the microphone and controls on the earpiece for $29.99.

Live Fast are designed for active use and come with cord management and ear hooks so they stay in place no matter what you’re doing, pack 12-hours of battery life, and cost $39.99.

Live True are modeled after the JAM Ultra earbuds and offer a truly wireless experience while coming in a case that doubles as a charger. The case can also be used as a backup battery for your phone should it need some assistance getting through the day, Live True will run $99.99.

Tune In are JAM’s neckband-style headphones for $39.99, and are great for almost any activity. Been There are lightweight on-ear headphones that are perfect for all kinds of listening with 14-hours of playtime at $49.99.

Out There are on-ear headphones that feature active noise cancellation, 18-hours of playtime, 50-ft. Bluetooth range, aux-in, and more for $69.99.

You can shop all of JAM Audio’s latest products at Urban Outfitters, Amazon, or the company’s own website. All of the above prices are the MSRP listings, but pricing could vary by retailer depending on stock availability and sales.


LOS ANGELES, CA (JULY 31, 2018) – Lifestyle audio brand JAM Audio is announcing the anticipated rebrand and launch of their new collection of wireless headphones and BluetoothTM speakers. The innovative audio-maker has taken their existing roots in high-quality speakers and headphones and created a new look and feel for the brand along with the next generation of products embodying the youth culture of today. Bringing advanced product features to the line-up including integrated charging cables, waterproof durability and massive BluetoothTM range, JAM’s newest additions are expanding the everyday music experience.

“We are releasing a truly new JAM Audio, from packaging all the way to the logo. With millennial and Gen-Z consumers in mind, we are excited to fill the gap in the market for quality audio products that are fun, affordable and fit every need,” explains JAM Audio’s Director of Product Development John Mikkola. “Whether it’s the new HANG UP waterproof BluetoothTM speaker with a built-in sticky pad to stick to your shower wall, or the LIVE TRUE truly wireless headphones with a carrying case that doubles as a charger, there is a product for every personal style and purpose starting at $19.99.”
While many BluetoothTM speakers offer a standard range of 30ft, JAM’s newest speakers boast a 100ft range to take your music farther. What’s more, each BluetoothTM speaker comes with an integrated charging cable, speakerphone capability, aux-in ports and has an IP67 rating for dust, sand, water and sweatproof durability. The latest JAM products specialize in extended battery life starting at 8 hours, and longer playtime to ensure your music and calls can go anywhere you do. With fabric-integrated design, this speckle-designed collection from JAM is their most youthful, fun one yet. The new 2018 line-up includes:

  • CHILL OUT: The compact portable speaker fits in the palm of your hand, with 100ft BluetoothTM range to accompany you anywhere you go. MAP: $29.99
  • DOUBLE CHILL: This fabric lined BluetoothTM speaker is studio-sound capable with dual speaker pairing. MAP: $39.99
  • ZERO CHILL: The largest of the Chill Series speakers, the Zero Chill offers 22 hours of playtime packed into its sleek, elongated look. MAP: $59.99
  • HANG UP: A waterproof BluetoothTM speaker with a sticky pad to stick on any wall, shower tile or anywhere else you need your music to go with you. Rinse it off and re-use it over and over. MAP: $19.99
  • HANG TIGHT: Fabric loop, submersible in water and an integrated charging cable mean you never have to worry about power cords again with this BluetoothTM speaker. MAP: $39.99
  • HANG AROUND: With dual drivers and dual passive bass radiators, this speaker has incredible stereo sound quality that packs a powerful punch. Use it with BluetoothTM or an aux-in cable. MAP: $49.99
  • LIVE LOOSE: Lightweight design makes hands-free calling a breeze and their sweatproof construction takes them from the gym to the street. MAP: $19.99
  • LIVE LARGE: Wireless earphones with comfortable design and 50ft BluetoothTM range. With the microphone and controls on the earpiece, it keeps the cord feeling light around your neck. MAP: $29.99
  • LIVE FAST: Designed for active use, the cord management system and ear hooks on these wireless headphones provide a comfortable fit with 12 hours playtime. MAP: $39.99
  • LIVE TRUE: Modeled after the popular JAM Ultra earbuds, the Live True offers truly wireless listening with a carrying case that doubles as a charger; use it as a backup battery for your phone or other devices. MAP: $99.99
  • TUNE IN: Ergonomically designed, the Tune In are JAM Audio’s neckband style headphones for the modern listener. MAP: $39.99
  • BEEN THERE: Lightweight, on-ear headphones for all day listening and 14 hours of playtime. MAP: $49.99
  • OUT THERE: The ultimate package in wireless on-ear headphones: Active noise cancelling, 18 hours playtime, 50ft BluetoothTM range, aux-cord capable, and pivoting earcups all with a fold flat design. MAP: $69.99

The 2018 JAM collection is rolling out now at JAMaudio.com, Amazon.com, Best Buy, Target, Urban Outfitters and select retailers nationwide.

About JAM Audio
Lifestyle audio maker, JAM Audio, seamlessly integrates music with lifestyle by introducing a new standard that is expected of audio devices – exceptional sound quality and features at an affordable price. Made to reflect your personal style, JAM Audio is about your everyday experience with sound. We provide the speakers, the stylish design, and the pop of color. You Just Add Music. JAMaudio.com

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