Panasonic updates its beloved compact LX100 w/ touchscreen, 4K, more

This morning, Panasonic has announced the new Lumix LX100 II, its latest compact release designed for content creators on-the-go. With a new touchscreen display and larger sensor than similarly sized models, it’s likely to be a hit with shooters that want more options in a smaller package.

Panasonic’s Lumix LX100 II replaces the previous generation model with a number of upgrades. This includes a big jump to 17MP from the older version’s 12.8MP sensor. Head below for more details.

Panasonic’s Lumix line has enjoyed a healthy following in recent years as a mid-range alternative to smartphone photography. The latest LX100 II comes in at just under $1,000, which is going to be a tough pill to swallow for some considering an iPhone X sells for the same price. But ultimately going with a standalone camera is about taking advantage of how it can complement your existing setup, not compete with it.

The new Lumix is perfect for creating content away from home, thanks to its 4K capabilities and that nice sensor bump that we mentioned off the top. It ships with a Leica 24-75mm f/1.7-2.8 lens, which can be upgraded if your needs aren’t met with the stock kit.

Panasonic has added a new touchscreen display as well, a feature that has been a necessity and expectation of sorts in recent years. Physical controls remain on the top of the camera. The 3-inch panel arrives along with Bluetooth connectivity, which can now be used to transfer images away from home.

Given that it took Panasonic four years to update this beloved compact camera, there’s a good chance that some of its fan base have moved on. But for the size and feature set, this is still a nice purchase if you’re looking for an alternative to your smartphone.

The new Panasonic Lumix LX100 II will be available for purchase in October with pre-orders expected to go live at Amazon in due time.


LUMIX LX100 II New 17-Megapixel Multi Aspect 4/3-type (inch) Sensor Featuring F1.7 LEICA DC VARIO-SUMMILUX Lens and 4K Video

NEWARK, N.J.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Panasonic is proud to introduce the LUMIX LX100 II with a large, 4/3-inch High Sensitivity MOS Sensor for the seventh-generation model of Panasonic’s world-renowned LX high-end compact camera series.

The LUMIX LX100 II newly integrates a total 21.77-megapixel sensor to achieve an effective 17.0 megapixels in 4:3 aspect ratio. Even the finest details can be precisely captured with the increased resolution of this new sensor. Together with a high-speed, high-performance Venus Engine image processor, it achieves superb image quality with natural, true-to-life description.

The included LEICA DC VARIO-SUMMILUX lens (35mm camera equivalent: 24-75mm) boasts a high-speed of F1.7-F2.8, and high descriptiveness in detail and resolution corner-to-corner. And, together with the large MOS Sensor, the lens also produces a stunningly beautiful defocus. At the same time, a nine-blade aperture diaphragm helps produce bokeh with smooth, circular shapes. The versatile zoom range of 24-75mm (35mm camera equivalent) is ideal for wide-ranging photography from snapshots to portraits. Notably, landscapes can be captured in dynamic 24mm ultra-wide angle in any of 4:3, 3:2 or 16:9 aspect ratios, thanks to the multi-aspect capability. An aperture ring allows direct, intuitive aperture control to take maximum advantage of this high-speed lens. A minimum working distance of 3cm is all that is required to take stunning macro shots with intricate detail.

The LUMIX LX100 II integrates an LVF (Live View Finder) with approximately 2760K-dot equivalent resolution and approximately 100 percent color reproduction. This 16:9 Wide Screen LVF boasts approximately 1.39x / 0.7x (35mm camera equivalent) magnification and 100 percent field of view. The new 3.0-type (inch) rear monitor increases resolution to approximately 1240K-dot, enabling touch control. A variety of advanced functions are featured on the LUMIX LX100 II to inspire and accommodate the potential of advanced photographers. It allows direct, intuitive control with dedicated rings and dials, such as an aperture ring, control ring, shutter speed dial and exposure compensation dial.

The LUMIX LX100 II capably records smooth, high-resolution 4K video in 3840×2160 at 30p or 24p in MP4. Taking full advantage of 4K technology, users can capture fleeting photo opportunities at 30 fps in 8-megapixel equivalent resolution to save as a 4K PHOTO. Auto Marking, Sequence Composition, Post Focus, Focus Stacking and Light Composition are newly added to make 4K PHOTO even easier to use in more creative ways.

The LUMIX LX100 II is also superior in response. With DFD (Depth from Defocus) technology, accuracy and speed are improved to achieve Light Speed AF of approx. 0.10 sec* to capture fleeting photo opportunities. High-speed burst shooting is possible at 11 fps in full resolution.

For more creative freedom, Filter, Creative Panorama and Photo Style are available. L.Monochrome and L.Monochrome D mode are also added to Photo Style, making it possible to shoot dynamic monochrome photos with emphasized highlights and shadows while preserving the details. Plus, grain effect can now be adjusted in all monochrome modes in Photo Style. Other practical functions include Focus Peaking, Level Gauge, Aperture bracket, Focus bracket, WB (white balance) bracket and highlight/shadow control. The LUMIX LX100 II can also develop RAW images into JPEG in-camera.

The LUMIX LX100 II includes Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi® connectivity to offer a more flexible shooting experience and instant image sharing with easy operation. Bluetooth 4.2 (called BLE: Bluetooth Low Energy) compatibility enables constant connection with a smartphone or tablet with minimum power consumption. It also complies with convenient USB/AC power charging.

* Based on the CIPA standard. At wide-end, when using Live View Finder at 60 fps.

1. New, Large 4/3-inch High Sensitivity MOS Sensor and Venus Engine

The LUMIX LX100 II incorporates a new 4/3-type (inch) total 21.77-megapixel*1 High Sensitivity MOS Sensor to acquire even higher resolution than its predecessor, the LX100. It boasts multiple aspect ratios (4:3/3:2/16:9) and the effective area in the 4:3 aspect ratio is 17.0-megapixel*, which is more than approx. 1.6x larger than that of a 1-inch sensor. This new high-resolution MOS Sensor maintains an excellent S/N ratio for a dramatic reduction in noise, even when shooting at a high ISO setting at max. ISO 25600 corner-to-corner reproduces the finest details, and an impressive defocus with a shallow depth of field from wide to tele-end, making the subject stand out.

The Venus Engine renders vibrant, high-quality, true-to-life images with excellent resolution, high contrast and impressive color reproduction. The advanced Multi-process NR (Noise Reduction) applies effective noise reduction and detail processing according to each component frequency. Plus, Random Filter granulates chromatic noise to blend into the image even more naturally. As a result, the maximum ISO 25600 (Extended) is achieved. A sharpening engine controls over wider frequency range by adjusting the amount of sharpness according to the frequency level, resulting in a faithful stereoscopic effect. The Venus Engine also excels in color reproduction with accurate evaluation of each color, similar in color phase, saturation, and luminosity. With its 1728-zone metering, more precise WB adjustment and natural image rendering are available.

The combination of the High Sensitivity MOS Sensor and the Venus Engine achieves stunning picture quality that rivals that of DSLRs.

* Multi-aspect count

2. F1.7-2.8 / 24-75mm LEICA DC VARIO-SUMMILUX lens and 3cm macro shot

The LUMIX LX100 II incorporates a LEICA DC VARIO-SUMMILUX lens system (F1.7-F2.8), providing 3.1x optical zoom (35mm camera equivalent: 24-75mm) with POWER O.I.S. (Optical Image Stabilizer). Comprising 11 elements in eight groups, including two ED lenses and five aspherical lenses with eight aspherical surfaces, this advanced lens unit achieves remarkably high contrast and resolution. The lens unit boasts F2.8 high speed, even at the tele-end, allowing handheld shooting in low-lit situations or adding beautifully defocused background on both photo and video. To achieve further downsizing to fit the large 4/3-inch sensor in the camera body, every lens group is now designed to move while Panasonic’s original centering technology is applied to the lens alignment to enhance sharpness. Adoption of five aspherical glass lenses and optical design optimization achieve beautiful, evenly smooth defocus with an invisible edge line; the “onion ring effect” is suppressed by Panasonic’s unique aspherical lens mold technology. In addition, a nine- aperture diaphragm helps produce bokeh with smooth, circular shapes.

The versatile zoom range of 24-75mm (35mm camera equivalent) is suitable for wide-ranging photography from snap to portrait. Notably, landscapes can be captured in dynamic 24mm ultra-wide angle in any of 4:3, 3:2 or 16:9 aspect thanks to the multi-aspect capability. The aspect can be set quickly with the aspect switch on the lens barrel. A Multi-Aspect Bracket allows shooting still images in 4:3, 3:2, 16:9 and 1:1 aspect ratios simultaneously with a single shutter release.

Stunning macro shots can be shot with minimum working distance of 3cm (wide) and 30cm (tele) to describe the detail of the subject, despite its large-sized sensor. It also complies with maximum 1/4000 (mechanical) and 1/16000 (electronic) high shutter speed.

3. Intuitive control and quick response

The LUMIX LX100 II integrates a LVF (Live View Finder) with 2764K-dot equivalent high resolution and approximately 100 percent color reproduction. This 16:9 Wide Screen LVF boasts approximately 1.39x / 0.7x (35mm camera equivalent.) magnification and 100 percent field-of-view. It comes with the Eye Sensor that automatically turns ON/OFF according to the photographer’s action. The Eye Sensor AF starts auto focusing immediately when the photographer looks into the LVF to prevent missing the shooting opportunity. The image output between the LVF and the rear monitor is switched automatically with the eye sensor on the LVF, which features options of sensitivity – high, low and off – to reduce false operation caused by touching the rear monitor.

The LUMIX LX100 II is equipped with a variety of advanced functions to spur potential of advanced photographers. It allows direct, intuitive control with dedicated rings and dials, such as aperture ring, control ring, shutter speed dial or exposure compensation dial. For example, controls including manual focus, zoom and step zoom can be operated with the control ring. An ergonomically designed synthetic leather grip ensures a stable hold.

The new 3.0-type (inch) large rear monitor increases resolution to approximately 1240K-dot, enabling touch control. Direct operation is made possible with Touch AF or Touch Pad AF while enhancing the operability of 4K PHOTO.

DFD (Depth from Defocus) technology calculates the distance to the subject by evaluating two images with different sharpness levels, while consulting the data of optical characteristics of the current lens in a moment. As a result, the LUMIX LX100 II achieves high-speed AF of approximately 0.10 sec* and high-speed burst shooting at 11 fps (AFS) / 5.5 fps (AFC) to capture fast-moving subject just in-focus. The LUMIX LX100 II integrates Starlight AF to allow users to shoot a star in the sky at night with auto focus. This can be achieved by accurate calculation of contrast value in a smaller AF zone.

* Based on the CIPA standard. At wide-end, when using Live View Finder at 60 fps.

4. Ultra high-definition 4K video and 4K PHOTO for unmissable moments

With its high-speed signal readout of the sensor and engine processing, the LUMIX LX100 II records smooth, high-resolution 4K videos in 3840×2160 resolution at 30p or 24p.

Taking full advantage of 4K technology, users can enjoy 4K PHOTO to capture fleeting photo opportunities at 30 fps in eight-megapixel equivalent resolution by extracting a frame of the most photogenic timing out of the 4K burst file to save as a photo. Three exclusive functions are integrated into the LUMIX LX100 II to make 4K photography even easier: 4K Burst Shooting, 4K Burst (Start/Stop) and 4K Pre-burst. The 4K Burst shooting allows consecutive shooting at 30 fps*1, which can be used just like photo burst shooting. Users can also choose either 4:3, 3:2 or 1:1 in addition to 16:9 with the aspect switch.

Choosing the best shot out of hundreds of frames recorded with 4K PHOTO is now easier with the newly-added Auto Marking function. It lets users jump to the nearest frame where differences are obvious between consecutive frames to minimize the time it takes to choose the best shot. With Sequence Composition, it is possible to make a stromotion image by synthesizing multiple images shot at a fixed frame with 4K PHOTO. A unique image reflecting the subject’s motion can be easily produced in-camera without a special retouching process.

The LUMIX LX100 II also comes with a Post Focus function to select the in-focus area even after shooting. This is particularly helpful in situations like macro shooting, where strict focusing is required or for changing expressions by changing the focused subject. This function was developed by combining the high-speed, high-precision DFD (Depth from Defocus) auto-focus technology and 4K technology. The Focus Stacking function enables users to adjust the depth of field after shooting by combining multiple images shot with the Post Focus function in the camera. Users do not need to focus strictly while shooting as they can obtain the image with the defocus level they want or pan-focus the image by simply selecting the focus area after shooting. This is beneficial when shooting macro shots of insects, small accessories and similar subjects

In addition, the LUMIX LX100 II incorporates Light Composition function as a new option of 4K PHOTO mode. The camera synthesizes images by choosing and saving a brighter pixel. This makes it possible to produce more luxurious, dramatic images of situations such as fireworks or night scenery in-camera with ease.


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