Sony CEO confirms a next-generation PlayStation is in the works

While the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One aren’t old, they are starting to age. The One X and PS4 Pro bump did breathe a little more life into the systems, but a complete refresh is on the horizon. Just a few weeks ago, we noted that Nintendo was working on a new Switch, even though it came out after both Microsoft’s and Sony’s offerings. Microsoft has already mentioned that a new Xbox is being worked on, but up until now, Sony has been quiet. That’s all changed now that we know Sony is working on the next-generation PlayStation.

Is the PlayStation 5 real?

Well, yes and no. In an interview with Financial Times, Sony’s CEO Kenichiro Yoshida confirmed that the company believes it’s going to be necessary to release another console. Yoshida failed to confirm if it will be called the PlayStation 5, or go by another name, however.

“At this point, what I can say is it’s necessary to have a next-generation hardware,” Yoshida said. What this means for gamers isn’t quite clear yet, though. It could mean a brand-new PlayStation 5 and a jump like Sony did from the PS3 to PS4, or just another update like we saw from the PS4 to PS4 Pro. Personally, I’m hoping for the latter but expecting the former from Sony.

It’s a Microsoft vs Sony battle

Microsoft seems to be all-in on the cloud, as evident by the xCloud project announced yesterday. Microsoft also has its Play Anywhere service, which lets you play games on either Windows or Xbox (for select titles) with the purchase of just one license. Sony hasn’t fully embraced this yet and is still focusing on just one platform at this time.

Sony is starting to lag behind

The PlayStation 4 has been the center of a lot of controversies lately with Fortnite and cross-platform gaming. While Microsoft openly accepts cross-platform gaming and even embraces it, Sony has been dragging its feet in regards to this.

Recently, Sony caved to consumers demands by allowing Fortnite players to join matches with Switch gamers. This shows some promise that Sony might actually be listening to its users and will make improvements to the PlayStation platform in its next-generation console.

Exclusives aren’t enough

Sony’s main hold on the market remains exclusives, however. With the recent release of the Spider-Man game (and limited edition console, Sony won the hearts of many with this exclusive title. But, exclusives will not be enough to keep Sony afloat throughout time, and it’s time for Sony to step up.

It’s time for some changes with PlayStation

Though Sony has had a corner on the market for a long time, that could be coming to an end. The corporate giant needs to make the proper changes with upcoming hardware to reverse this. I have a friend who recently switched from playing exclusively on PlayStation to now he almost exclusively plays on Xbox. Microsoft just provides a better all-around experience, even including a 4K Blu-ray player when Sony doesn’t.

Sony really needs to step up the ball with this next release, in both hardware and software. The Xbox One X beats the PlayStation 4 Pro in terms of gaming quality, size, and usability as it’s also a media hub (and DVR) for your home theater. The Xbox One X is a one-stop shop for gamers and movie addicts alike, while Sony leaves them out in the cold.

Here’s to hoping Sony listens to its users with this next release. The company needs to add features like a 4K Blu-ray player and tidying up the OS. The PS4 is already leaps and bounds ahead of the PS3, and both completely destroy the PS2, but will the PS5 be Sony’s saving grace?

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