Best Smart Plugs of 2019 for your Siri, Alexa or Assistant-enabled smart home

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Smart plugs are an essential device to have in your smart home, whether you’re looking to automate lamps, decorative lights, or even appliances. But with so many different options to choose from, it’s difficult to pick out the most noteworthy models. Head below for a look at the best smart plugs of 2019 to expand your Siri, Alexa or Assistant-enabled home.

HomeKit |

iHome ISP6X Smart Plug: $33

While Siri-controlled devices aren’t as common as those that integrate with Amazon and Google’s own assistants, there are still plenty of notable options. I’ve been using the $33 iHome ISP6X Wi-Fi Smart Plug for some time now with pretty solid results. It can be added directly into your HomeKit set without needing to download an additional app. That makes dealing with updates and management a breeze and is an understated perk of Apple’s Home app in my book. At $3 less, iDevices’ HomeKit smart plug is also another noteworthy option if you don’t care for the iHome plug’s design.

Alexa |

Amazon Smart Plug: $25

For smart homes based around Amazon’s own digital assistant, the choice for best smart plug is pretty easy. Amazon’s $25 Alexa Smart Plug is pretty much a no-brainer if that’s the main way you interact with your devices. It’s one of the more streamlined options on the market and with Amazon backing it, there’s no need to worry about it being discontinued anytime soon. Though those looking for a more cost-effective solution have some other options to consider as well.

Assistant |

TP-Link Kasa HS100 Smart Plug: $17 

Those on the Google Assistant train have a similar set of offerings to Alexa, as many smart plugs work with both voice assistants. With so many to choose from, that makes selecting a top contender a bit more difficult. But TP-Link’s HS100 smart plug is an easy recombination at just $17. With a large list of integrations under its belt, if you’re looking for an affordable but robust way to get started with smart home tech, it’s hard to go wrong here.

Outdoor |

iDevices Outdoor Switch: $48 


Bringing voice control and automation to outdoor lighting or appliances is another area where smart plug usage shines. At the head of the pack, the iDevices Outdoor Switch features a rain-tight design, works without a hub and packs two individually-controllable outlets. Not only that, but you’ll get to have your pick between Siri, Alexa or Assistant control. At $48 it’s more expensive than its non-water-resistant brethren, but is a highly-rated option if you need an outdoor option.

Multi-outlet |

TP-Link Kasa HS107 Smart Plug: $34 


Those searching for a multi-outlet solution need look no further than TP-Link’s Kasa HS107 Smart Plug. At $34, it still manages to enter with a competitive price despite being able to independently control two different appliances. Another plus is that its design doesn’t cover both wall outlets like other options on the market do. Alexa and Assistant control round out its notable features, as well as integration with the Kasa smart home ecosystem. 

Overall Best |

Wemo Mini Smart Plug: $25 

Overall, Wemo’s Mini Smart Plug is the true MVP of the smart plug market. Belkin’s smart home division, Wemo, has been on the scene for years and was actually what got me interested in smartphone-controlled lighting in the first place. The Mini Smart Plug is by far one of the most reliable devices in my smart home.

And now that it has been retroactively imbued with HomeKit support, it’s easily earned the title of best smart plug. Of course, you’ll also control it with both Alexa and Assistant, as well as a variety of other platforms like IFTTT, HomeAssistant and more. At $25, it has an affordable price tag to boot.

Is there a smart plug that you’ve found to be reliable in your smart home that we missed? Let us know in the comments below!

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