Teenage Engineering debuts new “poor man’s modular” synth rigs starting from just $149

The new Teenage Engineering modular system is here. Based on its extremely affordable Pocket Operator lineup of mini synthesizers, the boutique audio company is coming out with an entirely unique approach to modular synthesizers in a much more accessible package.

TE has been producing some of the most interesting little musical instruments for quite a few years now. Starting with the insanely cool OP-1, followed by the Pocket Operator lineup and its new OP-Z music-meets-video sequencer, the new Teenage Engineering modular system is ready to make its debut.

Modular synthesizers can be, to say the least, somewhat demanding to get into. It is essentially a custom synth made up of various modules from different companies that you install into a case of some kind with a power supply. In other words, it is the exact opposite of a pre-made ready-to-go synth from someone like Moog. Because of this, the barrier of entry can be quite high for some. But TE is looking to knock all that down with its new systems.

Teenage Engineering Modular System:

Initially available in 3 colors and sizes (the 16, the 170 and the 400) starting from just $149, TE is providing users with everything they need to get going in the world of modular. Once again TE is compromising on everything but the sound quality while still maintaining a beautiful looking product. The systems come in a “pre-configured chassis made out of thin bendable aluminium sheet metal” plus all of the modules you need to get going. You’ll need to put it together yourself, which takes most people around 15 minutes according to TE. Because of this, Teenage Engineering is hoping users will get a better grasp of how modular systems work without having to do all the research on compatible power supplies, chassis size and power specifications for each module.

And everything in the lineup is based on standard modular specifications (±12 volt and 3.5 mm jacks) so you won’t find “flimsy mini wiring” and compatibility with your other modular gear should be much easier to deal with.

Three Models Available Now:

There are three Teenage Engineering modular system setups ranging in price and versatility but we are expecting single module options to be made available later this year for expansion and the like. Here’s what TE is introducing today:

Teenage Engineering modular 16: $149

  • 16 is a musical keyboard with 16 keys with individual tuning option.
  • comes with a built-in programmable sequencer.
  • 4x AA battery operated comes with the user manual.

Teenage Engineering modular 170: $349

  • 170 is a monophonic analog synthesizer with built-in keyboard,
  • programmable sequencer, speaker box and battery pack.
  • 9 modules in total and 8 patch cables plus manual

Teenage Engineering modular 400: $499

  • the 400 is the top of the line modular synthesizer warm natural analog sound.
  • carrying handle on the back.
  • includes a 1-16 step sequencer and three oscillators, filter, lfo and much more!
  • 16 modules in total and 8 patch cables plus manual.

All three models are available for purchase right now via Teenage Engineering. It looks like everything will start to ship within 4 weeks.

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