New Super Mario Maker 2 secrets spotted in Japanese Direct + more

Super Mario Maker 2 secrets spotted?

While Nintendo was generous enough to absolutely unload on new details this week, some may have noticed a few Super Mario Maker 2 secrets during the presentation. We aren’t talking about easter eggs here, but rather some details that you might not have noticed in the fast-paced Nintendo Direct event. Ranging from new possible power-ups only spotted in the overseas showcase, or some seemingly obvious omissions from the official script, you’ll want to head below for all the details.

New Super Mario Maker 2 Secrets?

Earlier this week Nintendo unveiled some Super Mario Maker 2 secrets of its own in a dedicated Direct event. We were expecting the company to show off a solid update of the 2015 original, but it did a whole lot better than that. Along with a near endless list of new building pieces and features, Nintendo is also adding a full story mode to the experience. It will see Mario getting quests in order to earn gold and help rebuild Princess Peach’s castle. There is also over 100 expertly crafted courses from the folks at Nintendo. You can get all the details in our coverage post right here. Well, other than one hidden gem from the Japanese version of the Direct event that is.

Hammer Time:

Japanese gamers actually saw a slightly different version of this week’s presentation. While it appears to have been mostly the same, it might have been hiding some interesting Super Mario Maker 2 secrets of its own. At one point during the stream North American gamers caught a glimpse of an 8-pronged item wheel containing items like stars, mushrooms, the Cat Bell power-up and already known SMM2 entities.

However, in the Japanese event that same wheel carries 9 slots and one of them has what looks like the hammer power-up. While it’s impossible to say exactly what this thing is, it does look a lot like it could be the Hammer Suit power-up from Super Mario Bros. 3. It should be noted that some have suggested this could be something like the pickaxe from Captain Toad Treasure Tracker or something to do with a Mario builder outfit of some kind as well. But it’s interesting nonetheless.

New Game Styles?

While you might not file this as one of those Super Mario Maker 2 secrets we have seen, it has certainly peaked the internet’s interest. Nintendo unveiled the new Super Mario Bros. 3D World game style. This will essentially allow gamers to create/play levels set inside the world of that game (albeit in a 2D manor) and was one of the more interesting additions  mentioned. However, there’s a suspiciously appropriate amount of room in that menu for another “Extra Game Style” mode (or three). New free DLC?! Probably not, but here’s to hoping. It looks a lot like Nintendo is planning on filling that area up with more styles and a prime contender right now is the NES Super Mario Bros. 2.

9to5Toys’ Take:

Either way, excitement for SMM2 is mounting. With the game launching in just over a month’s time, it won’t be long before gamers start to dig out more Super Mario Maker 2 secrets and easter eggs. The Story Mode has loads of exploration possibilities outside of courses by the looks of it so we are expecting Nintendo to get playful there. Some even noticed an odd flashing Super Famicom logo during the Koopa Troopa Car scene from the Direct. Free Famicom games confirmed for Switch Online? No, probably not, but there will clearly be loads of new goodies to discover when the game launches on June 28th. Pre-order now at Amazon for $60 or with a year of Switch Online for $70.

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