Check out the new Pokémon My Partner Eevee and Snooze Action Snorlax toys

New Pokémon toys - My Partner Eevee and Snooze Action Snorlax

Just after Funko POP! unveiled Mewtwo and Pichu figures, we are now getting some new Eevee and Snorlax Pokémon toys. Remember the small plastic My Partner Pikachu figure that makes noises when you poke him from last year? Well, Wicked Cool Toys is now ready to start expanding the lineup further with new My Partner Eevee and Snooze Action Snorlax figures.

New Pokémon Toys Inbound

Last year, Wicked Cool Toys released My Partner Pikachu. The hard plastic figure is more of an interactive robot for kids than the soft cuddly plushy you might be imagining. You can poke him to make adorable Pikachu noises and make his cheeks light up. Both the ears and arms on the figure will wriggle around in joy when you interact with one of three built-in touch sensors (head, nose, and tummy). The $20 (currently $14 at Amazon) figure was easily among the best Pokémon toys of last year, and Wicked Cool is ready to bring that technology to everyone else’s favorite Pokemon mainstay, Eevee.

My Partner Eevee

Officially set to be unveiled at the New York Toy Fair, My Partner Eevee takes a very similar children’s robot toy approach as the Pikachu counterpart with flailing limbs, adorable noises, and a series of physical actions. Not only does it express over 20 sounds and 50 different reactions, but it’s also a little bit more limber than Pikachu. My Partner Eevee’s tail and head also move, unlike the Pikachu variant.

Snooze Action Snorlax

But that’s not all when it comes to today’s new Pokémon toys. Wicked Cool Toys is changing gears slightly with its Snooze Action Snorlax. Ditching the hard plastic robot vibe for a much more cuddly approach, Snooze Action Snorlax is an adorable 10-inch plushy. But there are some exciting features here with two modes of play known as Snooze Mode and Awake Mode. As you’re likely imagining, Snooze Mode is just what it sounds like leaving you with a soft puffy mythical creature taking a nap. But when you try to feed Snorlax, the included Pecha Berry accessory, the character will spring into action (or rather, enter Awake Mode) with a whole new set of noises in tow.

Pokémon Toys Pricing/Availability

Reports suggest the new Pokémon toys will start hitting store shelves in August when My Partner Eevee becomes available at an expected $20 price tag alongside a new $35 Pokémon figure carrying case (seen below). Snooze Action Snorlax will go for $30 when it starts shipping later this fall.

9to5Toy’s Take:

While there’s nothing overly groundbreaking about these new toys, they make for great kids’ gifts or the shelf in your collection. I would have preferred the My Partner line with a soft, plush exterior, but at least we are getting that option on the interactive Snorlax here. As we explore further into the new Galar region in the latest mainline release, these new Wicked Cool Toys will extend the experience even more after the scheduled Isle of Armor and The Crown Tundra DLC drops in June.

Source: Kotaku

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