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Replitronics Hotline 16000 and USB Charge Machine

Connesuisers of retro nostalgia with incredible attention to detail, New Wave Toys, have come out with another set of electronics to take you back to the glory days. A ⅙ scale change machine that acts is a USB charging hub, and the Hotline 16000 – a Sony Walkman themed power bank. After a successful Kickstarter that saw some unfortunate delivery delays due to the COVID-19 outbreak, these Replitronics are ready to ship out. Check out the video below for more details.

Replictronics USB Charge Machine

Since all of the Replicade cabinets run on battery but need to be recharged, the $59.99 USB Charge Machine is the perfect way to power your collection while adding another beautifully made piece to your arcade. Or, it would just be a great looking USB charging hub for any other devices as well. Just like the Street Fighter II cabinet we checked out last year, the change machine is immaculately detailed.

There are two extra stickers you can place on the machine. One fits just under the bill slot and says, “Insert bill face up, do not fold” and the other, from what I can tell by googling pictures of old machines, would sit under the insert portion of the machine and reads, “Do not fold bill, insert bill face up into bill acceptor.”

Replitronics: Video

On the front of the machine are a ton of accurate details. Most of it is solely cosmetic with the only interactive pieces being the adjustable lock, but you cannot open the door. The temporarily out of service light in the upper right can be turned on and off with a button on the back of the machine.

On the back of the machine, there is the button to toggle the LED on the front and six USB ports for charging. The first port is a quick charge USB-A 3.0 followed by five USB-A 2.0 charge ports. Under that we have the power indicator LED, power switch, and power plug.

Build Quality

Overall, the build quality on the Change Machine looks incredible. The only thing I’ve noticed is that the bill and coin acceptor area is a little loose from the rest of the machine. Maybe this is accurate to what the actual machines were like? But that is the only area of the machine that doesn’t feel completely solid.

Hotline 16000 Power Bank

Made to look like a classic Sony Walkman, the $39.99 Hotline 16000 is a 16000mAh power pack that matches retro-nostalgia with modern charging technology.

On top of the Hotline 16000 we have all of the input and output options. Though it is retro-themed, the power pack features USB-C and USB-A quick charge outputs. It can be charged through the USB-C port or a micro-USB port, as well. A single tap of the power button turns on the charger and shows how much juice is left in the hotline with the four green LED lights. If the power button is held, an LED flashlight will turn on to help in dark situations.

Another modern feature is the addition of wireless Qi charging via the 10W charging pad on the Hotline 16000. Just push the power button and place your Qi-enabled device on top. It worked perfectly on my iPhone 8 through my Quad Lock case.

Just like with all of New Wave Toy’s other retro-themed creations, the Hotline 16000 has all of the buttons and sliders on the side of the power bank. They don’t serve any function but are great for fidgeting.

If that beautiful arcade carpet strikes your fancy in the background, that is also a new offering from New Wave Toys. It feel like a mousepad and is the perfect place to rest your Replitronics or Replicade arcade cabinet.

Wrapping up

New Wave Toys does an incredible job of bringing back nostalgic themes with their retro-styled gear. I was blown away by the level of detail on the Street Fighter II Replicade, and these charging devices also feature top-notch detail and style. If you’re a retro collector or building out a ⅙ scale setup, these will be a great addition.

The USB Charging hub is available for pre-order on Amazon at $59.99, or on NewWaveToys.com for $53.99. Likewise, the Hotline 16000 is also available for pre-order on Amazon for $$39.99 or for $36.99 at NewWaveToys.com.

Buy the Replitronics USB Charge Machine at Amazon and New Wave Toys

Buy the Replitronics Hotline 16000 at Amazon and New Wave Toys

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