LEGO Fiat 500 review: Creator Expert theme goes retro with splendid results

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LEGO Fiat 500 review

While everyone’s attention this week might be on LEGO’s most recent brick-built vehicle, the 3,700-piece Technic Lamborghini, we’ve turned out focus to one of the brand’s more recent retro-inspired rides. Having been released earlier this year, the LEGO Fiat 500 rolled onto the scene and today we’re taking a hands-on look in our latest review. With a slick yellow paint scheme and design that stands out from previous Creator Expert vehicles, you’ll want to head below for all of the details on how this ride stacks up.

LEGO’s Fiat 500 rolls straight out of Italy

As one of LEGO’s most recent brick-built vehicles, the Fiat 500 delivers 960-pieces in a final build that measures 9-inches long and over 4-inches tall. Staying true to previous rides assembled in the Creator Expert series, this new addition enters on the same scale. Though compared to the 007-themed Aston Martin we previously took a hands-on look at, it has about 50% of the footprint to the spy car. That also means you’re looking at a smaller part count, and even better, a more affordable price tag. 

One aspect of each year’s Creator Expert vehicle line that never fails to excite is the decked out interior, and the LEGO Fiat 500 certainly delivers. There’s a detailed console, steering wheel, and even a stick shift knob, which all goes a long way towards capturing a sense of realism, or as close as you can get from a LEGO set.  

What really takes it over the top for me is the folding seats that offer access into the backseat. It’s a small feature, but that kind of attention to detail is a perfect showcase of the overall quality here. LEGO doesn’t stop there, as around back there’s a detailed engine compartment, as well as the frunk (front trunk) which holds a tire on the other end. Up top, there’s one last eye-catching inclusion in the form of a working sunroof. The usage of a cloth piece really nails the execution and fits perfectly in with the old school vibes from the rest of the LEGO Fiat 500. 

Alongside the car itself are a few extra accessories to drive home the La Dolce Vita theming. On the back of the set is a little hitch to attach an included suitcase, which quite fittingly is covered in the kinds of travel stickers you’d expect. Even more interestingly, LEGO completes its Fiat 500 with an easel, brush, and palette. Thanks to a massive 6- by 6-stud sticker, there’s also a finished painting of the car in a scenic location. 

Retro color with modern techniques

Regardless if you’re looking at the real-life version or LEGO’s incarnation of the Fiat 500, there’s just no getting around how unique of a vehicle it really is. The bulbous shape and bright colors particularly stand out in the world of the brick-built automotive, especially with the backdrop of rides like the Aston Martin and Ford Mustang. Aside from the slick color scheme which speaks for itself, there’s plenty of clever techniques utilized here to pull off the distinct look.

Authenticity that slightly misses the mark

One of the hallmarks of the Creator Expert vehicle line is how well many of the kits resemble the cars they’re inspired by. Painting with broad strokes, the same can be said about the LEGO Fiat 500, but upon further review, some sections don’t quite nail the execution. The hood in particular is a bit too blocky, leaving the ride’s profile with something to be desired. All this is to say fans who have picked up past kits for their exceptional likeness to the real thing might not be as impressed this time around.

Cost breakdown 

Final model aside, there’s plenty of value here that further elevates this build. With 960 included pieces, LEGO has priced the Fiat 500 at $90. That $0.09 per brick value isn’t half bad on its own, but that’s not even the full story. The fact that a majority of the included elements are in the rarer shade of yellow is yet another perk that not only makes the completed kit stand out, but also give this one of the more eye-catching collections of bricks. 

It’s also worth noting that purchasing directly from LEGO comes with the added perk of scoring the all-new Blue Fury Hot Rod kit for free. 

Final thoughts 

Often times when LEGO expands its brick-built garage, the company targets some muscle car for true motorheads. That emphasis misses the mark on me, but the Fiat 500 circles back with a creation that even builders who aren’t the most into cars can enjoy. And oh is there a lot to enjoy here. The sunroof and internal detailing aren’t to be overlooked, but the unique color scheme and design are sure to make this stand out in any collection. 

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