Moment Travelwear launches with backpacks, totes, and organizers from $39

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Moment, a well-known camera accessory company, is launching its Travelwear lineup of bags. These new backpacks, totes, and organizers are designed to let you work “at home, on the road, from the car, or even the park”. You’ll find multiple sizes of bags here designed to fit into any lifestyle, plus a selection of organizers to keep your gear neat and tidy. Head below to find out more about Moment Travelwear, launching November 2020 and priced from $39.

Moment could be the new go-to brand for photographers and videographers

For ages, Peak Design has been one of the go-to brands for photographers wanting camera-centric bags that are built with quality in mind. Heck, I’ve used Peak Design personally for many years. But, Moment is an up-and-coming brand when it comes to multiple areas of photography. Once a mobile lens start-up, Moment now offers a plethora of products in its store, from smartphone-focused lenses like it originally built to ND filters for cameras and drones, this Seattle-based startup is gunning to take over every area of photography and filmmaking.

Moment Travelwear is designed to carry everything, at any time

While most bags and backpacks are either great for photography, or general use, but not both, Moment is looking to close the gap. Moment Travelwear, as the company’s new lineup is called, offers a selection of backpacks, totes, and organizers to keep your gear neat and tidy, ready to go at a moment’s notice.

Let’s start with the MTW Backpack. Launching at $149 on Kickstarter, this bag will retail at $180 once it hits the This bag is designed to “work anywhere, travel anywhere” according to Moment. The waterproof materials of the Moment Travelwear Backpack keeps your gear safe in all conditions, whether you get caught in a rainstorm or spill your coffee on the way out the door. You’ll find padded, breathable shoulder straps that are built to last all day long, for both men and women. Something that I love seeing manufactures integrate is the ability for bags to stand on their own, which the MTW Backpack does just fine.

The side-access zipper makes it super simple to grab your gear without unloading the entire bag, as well. There are versatile internal sleeves and pockets that can store all of your gear, including a 16-inch MacBook Pro and 12.9-inch iPad Pro. You’ll even find a smaller frame design that’s built specifically for women, as it’ll properly fir their shoulders and backs. Plus, there’s an oversizes water bottle pocket to keep your drink at-the-ready at all times.

Carry it all in the Moment Travelwear Tote with a zip top closure

While the MTW Backpack is great for those who want to carry something on their back, the Moment Travlewear Tote is designed to fit everything you need in one convenient place…while still staying completely organized. The MTW Tote is water-resistant like the MTW Backpack and is designed to keep your gear safe in all climates. With room for up to a 16-inch MacBook Pro, you’ll find other internal organization here to keep your gear neat and tidy. Plus, there are external pockets, both magnetic and zip, which deliver small quick access to things like keys, a phone, or even your passport. The top zips closed to provide on-the-go protection and security while traveling since the only way to access it will be under your arm. Launching at $99, the MTW Tote will run $120 once it’s available to purchase directly from Moment.

Keep your gear neat and tidy with Moment Travelwear organizers

While the MTW Backpack and Tote are great at organizing your larger things, be it a laptop, water bottle, iPad, or car keys, keeping cables and the like neat and tidy is never easy. That’s where Moment’s Travelwear organizers come into play.

The MTW Tech Organizer is designed to either stand up or lay flat, depending on your current needs. It has room for cables, SD cards, an Apple Pencil (or standard pen), and can even hold your 16-inch MacBook Pro’s large USB-C charger at the same time. All of this zips up into a neat and tidy pouch, ready to go anywhere you do. And, when you need something, it’ll be right where you left it inside of its dedicated little pocket, not in a tangled mess that somehow got even messier without you touching it. You’ll find that the MTW Tech Organizer is also water-resistant, and even has room for your headphones when they’re not being used.

The MTW Tech Organizer also features a Mini Tech Organizer, which is removable from the larger pouch. This is designed to give you just a few items when you need to trim down your carry and is sure to be welcomed by those who sometimes need everything and the kitchen sink, but other times just want a few spare cables while on-the-go. At just $49 during the Kickstarter, the MTW Tech Organizer will cost $70 after it’s fully launched.

Keep your charged and dead batteries separate with the MTW Battery Organizer

Moment didn’t stop there, however, as the MTW Battery Organizer is also here to play. Storing batteries for your camera is never easy, as you don’t want them banging around in your bag. Moment’s Battery Organizer keeps your fully-charged batteries separate from the empty ones with dedicated, color-coded pockets. There are even specific pouches for cords and Sd cards, which ensure you always have what you need within arm’s reach, and know exactly which batteries are fresh and ready-to-go and which are dead and need to be recharged. The MTW Battery Organizer is available for $39 during the Kickstarter campaign and will retail for $70.

Moment Travelwear’s Camera insert keeps your body and lenses separate

If you’re wondering how to best organize your camera gear, well, the MTW Camera Insert does just that. At $79 during the Kickstarter and $100 afterward, the MTW Camera Insert has separate, customizable compartments to keep your gear separate and safe.

Instead of just working with a single bag, the MTW Camera Insert functions with any backpack. Its rectangular shape means that it can fit both vertically or horizontally while offering easy access to your gear. It can hold up to a Canon 5D with a 70-200mm lens, plus there’ll be a little more room for some extras. Each divider is customizable and there are filter pockets that stretch to hold your gear, SD cards, wipes, and more. The bright interior ensures that you never lose an SD card or ¼-20 screw again, as well.

Moment Travelwear availability

You can back Moment Travelwear on Kickstarter with prices starting at $39, depending on what you opt for. Delivery is slated to begin in November 2020, with broader availability happening after that.

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