Tested: A closer look at Totallee’s barely there iPhone 12 case lineup

totallee iPhone 12 case review

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The 2020 Totallee iPhone 12 case lineup has landed. The brand is well-known around these here parts as being among the best options for those looking for that barely there coverage for their iPhone of choice, and the 2020 cases are no exception. Totallee’s latest matte and transparent offerings carry the proven ultra-thin design over from last year’s covers while ensuring compatibility with latest iteration of Apple’s MagSafe system. Head below for more details and some hands-on impressions in our Tested with 9to5Toys on Totallee’s iPhone 12 case lineup.

Totallee iPhone 12 case lineup review

For those who are familiar with previous-generation Totallee iPhone cases, there won’t be many surprises with 2020 options. For those new here, these are some of thinnest, barely-there options out there — adding not much more than a thin rubbery sheath of extremely light scratch protection alongside the ever-important raised camera array/display lip. While the transparent option does offer up a little bit more protection against potential light bumps and bruises, don’t expect full-on drop protection here by any means. Totallee’s cases are very much geared toward those looking for that extremely minimalist approach so you can really feel the shape of the iPhone in your hand (“naked iPhone 0.29 inches” compared to Totallee “Matte case at 0.31 inches”). 

This minimalist approach is very much highlighted by Totallee’s choice to leave its covers completely branding-free. While I can certainly appreciate a nicely placed logo, or even more detailed appliqué/iconography to amplify a design in some cases, Totallee’s super-clean iPhone covers take the over-used “minimalist” moniker about as far as it gets, and shines in the category because of it.

Tested with 9to5Toys

Like with many of the most basic iPhone cases out there, such a minimalist approach can sometimes leave the case feeling a little bit undercooked and overpriced. And while you could apply those criticisms to Totallee’s lineup at a quick glance, the cases are certainly a lot more substantial and well-made than it may appear. 

The feel and the barely noticeable lip protection are the main selling points for me.  

The nearly-invisible camera lip, for example, is actually quite robust and hardened for such an incredibly thin case. The lip raising the display from a screen-down tabletop rest is what I would call about as barely there as it could be and still get the job done. When I’m reaching for a super-thin iPhone cover, there’s nothing worse than an overly cumbersome (or raised) lip getting in the way of the display — something I have unfortunately bumped by thumbs into with other brands this year already — but Totallee has got the measurements and feel just right here for me. 

The thin rubbery-like plastic employed throughout is not the type that feels like you’re just going to be able to tear it with your hands — like you might see with actual bargain-bin, no-name, non-branded cases. Both the matte and transparent options add a sort of rubbery grip to your device, although there’s nothing overly special about the materials in play here otherwise. They are super-thin, add some peace of mind when you’re setting the camera or display-side down to rest, and allow the iPhone 12’s form factor to shine.

Transparent aside, colorways available on the matte case are basic and get the job done. The actual colors fall more on the matte side as well with slightly muted and a more moody look to them in person. This may or may not be what you’re into, but I appreciate the more professional and limited color spectrum here. To make a long story short, Totallee’s cases are certianly worth a closer look, but only if you’re looking for the most super-thin case around that is completely branding-free.

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