Among Us is coming to Xbox Game Pass for Console in 2021

After making its console debut on Nintendo Switch earlier this week, Among Us will be coming to Xbox Game Pass for Console sometime next year in 2021. Already available on Xbox Game Pass for PC, this marks the second console-based launch of the unique game. But, this poses a few potential issues for players, so let’s take a look at what hurdles both companies have to jump before the launch of Among Us on Xbox.

What exactly is Among Us?

Well, we first covered the game’s release a few days ago on Nintendo Switch, but we really didn’t dive into exactly what it is. Now that it’s coming out on Xbox as well, let’s take a closer look.

Among Us is an online, 4- to 10-player game where there is an “imposter” on the ship. At least one, but maybe more, of the cremates will be replaced by this dangerous imposter whose goal is to eliminate the rest of the crew before the ship arrives home. This imposter will sabotage the ship, or potentially try and secretly kill off cremates without anyone noticing. Once an emergency meeting has been called, or a dead body discovered, the crew votes on who they think it could be.

Right now, the only communication is text-base, and that’s just not easy on console

Among Us thrives on communication between players. Who saw what? What’s going on? Who was “sus” in the last round? What makes you think you should vote for a specific player? Well, all of this is done through a text-based communications system. Some gamers will use Discord on their computer or phone to talk over voice with other cremates, but with the introduction of the Switch version, more and more would use text-based chatting since the touchscreen would promote typing. But, on a console like the Xbox or PlayStation, typing can be a bit cumbersome, especially in fast-pasted games like Among Us.

Possible Discord integration with Xbox?

Because of this, we could potentially see Discord finally integrate with consoles. I know, I know. People have wanted this for quite some time, and nothing has ever come from it. But, Microsoft and Discord are great partners, offering 3-months of Nitro for free to Game Pass subscribers. This could be an indication that the launch of Discord integration with consoles could come in 2021, but I wouldn’t hold your breath.

One click chat options could be the solution?

The most likely solution is that there will be one-click text chat options available to console users. We’ve seen this in other games, like Apex Legends, where a “ping” system allows console gamers a super simple way to say something in the game without physically speaking or typing. This would be the easiest solution, but, also somewhat handicaps console players in Among Us from being able to truly express why they think someone is “sus.”

PlayStation port next?

Well, now that PC, mobile, Switch, and Xbox will have Among Us, it’s only likely that PlayStation will be the next release candidate. We still don’t know if, or when, Among Us will come to Sony’s console. But, now, being the odd man out, it’s only a matter of time before the gaming giant makes the push to launch the game on its growing platform.

9to5Toys’ take

I love that just a few days after writing about the console debut of Among Us, I get to write that it’s now coming to one of the largest console platforms in the world: Xbox. It’s already available for Game Pass on PC, and soon will be included in Microsoft’s monthly subscription service on its console as well. Game Pass is an ever-growing library of games that continues to offer insane value, and is one of the key reasons I picked up a Series X over a PlayStation 5.

I can’t wait to see what else comes to Game Pass next year, and, after playing my first round of Among Us recently, I’m excited to dive into more and eventually become the “imposter.”

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