Review: LEGO’s Millennium Falcon Microfighter packs plenty of value into a miniature build

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We’ve reviewed all but one of the new LEGO Star Wars 2021 sets so far, with only the most affordable remaining. Now for today, we’re taking a look at the latest addition to LEGO’s collection of Microfighters, with a refreshed version of the Millennium Falcon. As the latest version of the fastest ship in the Star Wars universe, how does this compact model stack up? Head below for all of the details on the LEGO Millennium Falcon Microfighter.

Hands-on with the LEGO Millennium Falcon Microfighter

Alongside battle packs, Microfighters have long been one of the more affordable ways for Star Wars fans to get in on the LEGO action, and the latest continues that trend with arguably the most iconic ship out of the Original Trilogy. We’ve seen the Millennium Falcon appear in pretty much every form to date from LEGO, ranging from miniature models in Advent Calendars to the definitive UCS version.

The latest re-creation of the fastest ship in the Star Wars universe enters closer to the lower side of the two ends of the spectrum, clocking in with 101 pieces. The overall build here reimagines the ship into a palm-sized build that can only fit a single pilot, the included Han Solo minifigure. Instead of trying to capture all of the intricate details on the ship, or even nail the proportions, LEGO has assembled a more compact rendition that includes all the signature aspects of the Millennium Falcon.

As per usual with the LEGO Microfighter lineup, the Millennium Falcon here has a seat for Han Solo to sit in right where the ship’s cockpit usually is. There’s also a pair of stud shooters on the top of the ship where the quad laser cannon would normally be. And because this version is modeled after the ship’s Original Trilogy appearance, there’s also a circular radar dish up top, too.

Despite being one of the smallest versions of the ship in the catalog, LEGO has still managed to accommodate for plenty of other details. The techniques used to pull off the hyperdrive ring around back are pretty unique and manage to deliver its signature look. There’s also the engine vents on the back, as well as some other little greebles scattered throughout that add a sensor scale.


Fittingly for the fastest ship in the galaxy, LEGO is including Han Solo here as the sole minifigure on its Millennium Falcon Microfighter. Even though we’ve seen this exact printing before in previous sets, it’s been quite a while since LEGO has actually had the fan-favorite character on store shelves outside of appearing in larger kits like last year’s Mos Eisley Cantina. 

So even though we’re not getting an exclusive character this time around, the inclusion of Han Solo at this price point is welcome, especially considering how solid of a job LEGO did with the overall design. 

Should you buy the LEGO Millennium Falcon Microfighter?

Clocking in at $9.99, the new LEGO Millennium Falcon Microfighter is the most inexpensive kit released to start off the year from the Star Wars theme. For the price, the 101 included bricks stack up to a pretty solid value. There isn’t much that LEGO could have done to improve the pricing here outside of mixing up the minifigure selection, with the final build feeling pretty substantial for the cost. 

9to5Toys’ Take

At the end of the day, the LEGO Millennium Falcon Microfighter isn’t going to catch the eye of every builder, but it’s absolutely worth it for those interested in the miniature build. There’s a lot of value here as the most affordable way to bring the iconic vehicle to your collection, and does a spot-on job at re-creating the fastest ship in the galaxy. 

Microfighters were some of the first builds that got me back into LEGO when I was in college, but I hadn’t checked out the lineup in nearly half a decade. Returning to the miniature builds to go hands-on with the Millennium Falcon version not only brought back a lot of those memories of leaving my LEGO dark ages, but showed just how much things have changed here. While you’re not paying a whole lot at $10, LEGO is still packing in a lot of interesting techniques and a really solid overall model.

So it’s not only a great kit for younger builders, but older fans as well. If you’re looking to add some Original Trilogy action to your desk or show off your love of the famous smuggler, this set is an easy recommendation at $10. And hey, maybe it’ll be the set that gets you back into LEGO

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