Definitive Technology BP9060 Review: Expandable towers with huge sound [Video]

From soundbars to massive surround sound systems, there are plenty of different ways to outfit a space for watching the latest movies with the latest in sound design. While they may take up more space, full-range towers like the Definitive Technology BP9060 are one of my favorite ways to both watch movies and listen to music. Don’t be fooled by the simple, elegant design, though. Under that sleek black fabric are eight drivers ranging from a 1-inch aluminum tweeter to a 10-inch powered sub with dual 10-inch bass radiators. And, the BP9060 can be expanded to wear a Dolby ATMOS module on top for an even more dynamic movie experience. Be sure to hit the video below and check out all the details of these tech-filled towers. 

Setup and Design

Definitive Technology has made getting the BP9060 setup pretty straightforward. Inside the main package is an additional accessory box that holds the base, two types of feet, cables, and everything needed to get the speakers set up. Measuring 45.5 inches tall, the BP9060 towers look formidable but keep things understated by hiding all of the drivers, radiators, and ports under the simple black fabric. Just be careful when moving the towers around that you don’t put a hand or finger in the wrong place and put too much pressure on one of the drivers. 

On the back, the towers have inputs for LFE, a high channel for ATMOS input, normal speaker inputs, and a bass control knob. 


A full-range tower, the BP9060 packs plenty of drivers to deliver the massive frequency response of 18-40,000 Hz. Under the elegant black fabric, the front array features a 1-inch aluminum dome tweeter, two 4.5-inch midrange drivers, two 10-inch bass radiators, and a 10-inch subwoofer. In the back, the towers feature a 1-inch aluminum dome tweeter and a single 4.5-inch midrange driver. 

Those drivers in the back make up part of the patented forward-focused bipolar array. These towers also play audio behind the speaker to help balance room-filling sound and a precise center image with a broad soundstage. When placing the speakers, Def Tech suggests keeping them at least 4 inches from the back wall, at least 6 inches from a wall on either side, and to toe in or angle in the speakers a few degrees so that they pointed more towards the center of the room.  

Definitive Technology BP9060: Video

Secret weapon

Under the seamless aluminum top plate is a hidden weapon – a simple connector port that enables the use of the A90 speaker module, which upgrades the towers with Dolby Atmos. Easily missed without a careful inspection, just press down on the back of the plate to release the magnetic connection and reveal the port. While I didn’t have these modules to test with the speakers, I love that you can add these later on if you want to upgrade the system even further.

Definitive Technology BP9060: How do they sound? 

Together all of this technology together delivers a massive, full, and detailed sound. On the low end, the towers do blockbusters like Man of Steel and Mad Max: Fury Road justice with huge bass, but can also be easily dialed down if you find them to be too overpowering. Or crank it up to make your home theater rumble. When playing “Solar Sailer” from the Tron: Legacy soundtrack, the towers hit as low and full as most headphones that I’ve tried. I’ve been surprised and impressed with the massive low-end on the BP9060 towers.

I found myself keeping the bass control knob well under halfway as anything more than that sounded overpowering for my spaces. 

On the high end, the towers are crisp and clear thanks to those aluminum tweeters. The bipolar sound also reflects sound off the back and sidewalls for a broader and more engaging soundstage. Once again, watching movies, especially blockbusters, is a blast on these speakers. Action scenes are lively, clear, and powerful thanks to the full range of the towers. Stereo separation is great as well for directional cues.

The sound does seem to have a bit of a scooped EQ though with mid-range pulled back compared to highs and lows. Don’t get me wrong, I think that sounds great for most listening situations, especially action-packed movies, but won’t be as accurate for critical listening. For me, the only time I really noticed this wasn’t when watching a movie or show, but listening to metal tracks that I’m used to having a fair bit of mid-range to make out cluttered guitar riffs like those in “Mist” by Protest the Hero. 

Intelligent Bass Control 

Definitive Technology has also integrated Intelligent Bass Control into the BP9060, which helps to modulate deep bass without affecting mid-range tonal balance. It also seems to boost bass when listening at low volumes, which helps to keep the towers sounding full even when they’re turned down. 

9to5Toys’ Take

Overall, I’m very impressed with the Definitive Technology BP9060 towers. From setup to watching movies and listening to music, it has all been a premium experience. I also love that you can build out the setup even more if you want to take a theater to the next level. With the A90 speaker modules for ATMOS, center channel or surround speakers, it’s easy to get started with the towers and build an impressive sound system over time. 

On the flip side, if large full-range towers don’t fit your space, check out some of our other home theater setups like the Focal Sib Evo 5.1.2 system or the wireless Enclave system that might be the easiest way to get a 5.1 setup. 

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