Hands-on with the new Aukey Aircore wireless charging stands [Video]

As more devices support wireless charging, we’re seeing more affordable multi-purpose charging stands become available. Aukey, which is already well established in the charging market, is out with a few new combo charging stands in the Aircore lineup. With a solo pad, a 2-in-1, and a 3-in-1 stand, Aukey has some great affordable new wireless charging options for those with multiple devices. Be sure to hit the video and see all the details below. 

Aukey Aircore: out of the box

Both of the combo chargers come in a few pieces that need to be put together. USB-C to USB-A cables are also included, but Aukey isn’t providing a charging block. They have their own great lineup of blocks with varying power outputs, but you will need to provide your own to power the Aircore 2-in1 and 3-in-1 charging stands. 

Overall design

Both of the Aukey Aircore combo chargers feature a very similar design. Aukey has cut down on costs by sharing some components between the two, such as the identical phone stand. With a smaller overall design, the 2-in-1 stand has a wireless pad for charging Airpods behind the larger front-facing phone mount. Any other Qi wireless charging devices will also work on this pad, like the EarFun Free Pro earbuds. 

With a larger overall design, the 3-in-1 has a much wider base with the pad for airpods and a stand for an Apple Watch. To set up the Apple Watch charger, you can place the magnetic charging cable in the stand, and then route the cable through the back of the stand and down to the bottom of the base. Then pull off the magnetic cover on the bottom of the stand, wrap the cable around the posts, and plug the cable into the USB-A port hidden underneath. It’s a great clean setup to get all of your devices charging together on one stand for an affordable price. 

Both of the Aukey Aircore charging stands use a single USB-C port to power all of the wireless charging options.

While both of these examples we have here share the same textured black finish, Aukey does offer a white version of the 3-in-1 Aircore charging stand as well. 

Aukey wireless charging stands: video

Using the Aukey Aircore wireless charging stands

With everything set up, they both worked just as expected. Small status LEDs glow blue when the stand is powered, and turn green when there is a device charging. 

Both can charge a phone at up to 10W, and 5W for the pad. They work through cases as well, but it was a little finicky in my experience. When I had a Quad Lock case on my iPhone 8, it wouldn’t always start charging when I placed the phone on the stand in portrait orientation. If I moved it up a half-inch or so it would start charging and then I could return it to rest on the stand.

However, it worked flawlessly through the Quad Lock case when in landscape mode and didn’t have any issues when used without a case.

Overall the materials on the Aukey Aircore wireless charging stands feel like a budget build. The plastic doesn’t feel great when compared to more premium offerings, but it’s hard to beat that price point. $29.99 for one or the other makes them a great way to get a stand that will charge multiple devices at the same time. 

Other premium wireless chargers

Of course, there are some great wireless chargers out there that cost more. We’ve tried a couple of them out before like the Moshi Lounge Q wireless charger, which has a nice modern design and comes in at $69.95.

One other great wireless charger that we’ve tried is the Grovemade Wireless Pad. With a variety of colors, natural materials, and manufacturing in the USA, it’s a great choice for those looking for a more premium piece to place at their workstation. 

9to5Toys’ Take

Overall, the Aukey Aircore wireless charging stands are a great affordable way to get a handy place to charge multiple devices. There are higher-end pieces out there if you want something with some more style or better materials, but if you’re looking for an effective way to charge two or three devices in one convenient package, the Aukey Aircore wireless charging pads definitely deliver.

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