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NewsletterThe 9to5Toys Daily Newsletter is a great way to get a roundup of all of our best daily gear and deals in your inbox and offline. We offer 2 subscription times:

9to5Toys Lunch Break

…delivered on weekdays Monday – Friday. Most of our notable gear from the last 24 hours and Daily Deals are in at this point and it hits your inbox just in time for lunch on the US East Coast or breakfast on the West Coast.

9to5Toys Last Call

…comes 7 days a week and is the wrap up of the day’s gear and deals which arrives at 6PM ET. That’s enough time to get your daily deals in before they expire and makes for good reading for when East Coasters get home from work and West Coasters hit the 3PM.

Note that all previous email subscribers have been upgraded to get the 6PM last call email so if legacy subscribers want to get both or switch simply sign up for the lunch.