Mobile by Peak Design is a unique accessory system with cases, tripods, more

Mobile by Peak Design Everyday Case

Peak Design has to be one of my favorite camera accessory manufacturers around. From making a killer compact tripod to the backpack I carry on every shoot, Peak Design is generally my go-to when it comes to photography gear, and has been for several years now. Well, the company decided to expand its coverage into the smartphone field with Mobile by Peak Design and the Everyday Case. This new ecosystem offers “an innovative connection system [that] unites beautifully designed cases, mounts, and accessories.”

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Peak Design launches Everyday Line V2 with updates and new products from $80

Peak Design is a fan-favorite just as much as it is a writer-favorite here at 9to5Toys. I’ve used their bags for years, taking them to CES, Israel, and everywhere in-between. The company just announced an updated Everyday Line V2 that packs multiple new designs and enhancements across the board. I’ve spent the last week or so with the brand-new Everyday Backpack V2 and Everyday Sling to bring you some first impressions, along with news on the rest of Peak Design’s Everyday Line updates.

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I’ve finally found the perfect travel backpack, and it’s Peak Design’s Travel Line

Finding the perfect bag to take on a trip has never been an easy task for me. I want to carry my camera gear, clothes, toiletries, and my laptop too; along with all of the necessary cables and cords I’ll need for that trip. I’ve used several bags over the past few years, from the TYLT Energi to Peak Design’s Everyday Backpack 30L, Messenger Bag 15, and even the WaterField’s Air Porter.

Each serves a purpose unique to itself: the Messenger Bag 15 is great for carrying one camera body and a few lenses along with a laptop, the Everyday Backpack 30L is an awesome bag to carry tons of stuff, though it’s not super comfy. The Air Porter is an awesome laptop bag with plenty of room to carry other tech items, like my Switch. But, in the past, I’ve always had to carry multiple bags when going on a weekend vacation or convention. That all changed with the Peak Design Travel Backpack.

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Peak Design’s new Travel Backpack is perfect in every way, but may be too large for most

Peak Design is well-known when it comes to photography bags. I have the Everyday Backpack and the Everyday Messenger personally, and carried the Backpack with me every day of CES 2018 while on the floor, in meetings, and traveling between buildings.

The Everyday Backpack I have is the 30L model and fits just about everything I need it to, though it gets quite heavy packed as full as I had it. Part of the reason was I had it overstuffed most of the time, and could really lay everything I needed with me on an average CES day out in that bag well. That’s where Peak Design’s latest Kickstarter for its new Travel Line comes in, bringing a bag that can hold up to 45L and organize everything you need in a much more convenient way.

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