Steam beta gains initial DualSense + Series X controller support, more robust support to come

Steam is the go-to client for PC gamers worldwide, and while many use keyboard and mouse exclusively, some titles just are better with a controller. Well, the latest Steam beta release packs support for Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 DualSense controllers, but what all is supported right now and what type of experience can you expect? Keep reading to find out.

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Steam Summer Sale now live with thousands of PC/Mac game deals

Now Live!

The Steam Summer Sale is now live with thousands of PC and Mac games on sale. The yearly event is easily among the biggest game sales in the PC space and features just about any and every title you might have your eye on. Along with the near-endless list of game deals, participants will also receive bonus points for each purchase you can spend on avatars and more, as well as some free goodies and additional discounts at checkout. Head below for a closer look.

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