Stanley enters the competitive 3D Printer market w/ new prosumer model

Stanley and BLACK + DECKER have partnered up for a new prosumer-focused 3D printer in hopes of finding a niche in this tricky corner of the market. Coming in at a higher price tag than many of its competitors will create some road blocks for budget-conscious shoppers. But these are two of the most established names in the hardware game and they’ve spared few features from this new release.

As Stanley’s first 3D printer, it’s interesting to see which areas the brand has chosen to focus on. At $1,325, you’d certainly hope to see a wealth of features over competitors in the $300-$600 range. One of the most notable aspects of this new release is the auto-filling material system that supports PLA or ABS filament.

Much like popular inkjet printers, users will be able to replace white, black, red, blue, gray, yellow and green colorings on a by-need basis. Many 3D printers require the manual spooling of new colors, so taking the guesswork out of that scenario is a welcome addition.

Stanley opted for a removable head on its first entry into 3D printing, which is key for creating taller objects topping out at 200 x 200 x 185mm. For comparison, lesser-priced models like those from DaVinci can handle around 25% less volume.

The entire system is controlled by a five-inch built-in touchscreen that provides feedback on your creation’s progress and serves as a gateway to the menu system. Another really handy feature is a webcam tucked up above the printer head. This allows you to look-in on a live feed of your project, as well as create some pretty cool time-lapse videos. An internal LED light helps provide illumination on the printer’s workspace.

One area that Stanley has really focused its attention on for this new 3D printer is connectivity. Not only does it offer traditional USB ports, but you’ll also be able to wirelessly beam your plans thanks to a built-in Wi-Fi radio. Aside from direct connecting, designers can walk right up to the unit and plug in a USB flash drive as well and begin printing, making this an ideal addition to an office with multiple users.

The Stanley Model 1 is set to release exclusively at Amazon on April 7th with a $1,325 price tag. Ultimately, it fits neatly between the high-end market and entry-level budget models that are currently available to consumers. For those looking to go beyond the colorful DaVinci models, this could be an ideal purchase.


Stanley Black & Decker, Inc. Introduces the STANLEY® Model 1 3D Printer

NEW BRITAIN, Conn., (March 29, 2017) – Stanley Black & Decker, Inc, a leader in delivering innovative solutions and jobsite tools for more than 174 years, has partnered with Sindoh to launch the new STANLEY® Model 1 3D Printer. This new licensed agreement is also STANLEY’s first 3D printer, which has been designed to deliver a convenient desktop experience to beginners and experienced users who are interested in prototyping designs, developing concepts, and bringing ideas in a 3D form to life.

The STANLEY® Model 1 3D Printer features proprietary and user-friendly features and is optimized for safety, quality, and reliability. All moving parts are enclosed within the (421 mm × 433 mm × 439 mm build envelope, generating a consistent temperature and delivering a safe operation with reduced noise for a quiet print experience. Additional features include:

Auto-Loading Filament System and Magnetic Extruder Head: The STANLEY® MODEL 1 3D Printer automatically loads and unloads the PLA and ABS printing filament. Depending on the height of the completed piece, users can layer colors using refillable cartridges, available in white, black, red, blue, gray, yellow and green. This feature sets the STANLEY® Model 1 3D Printer apart from other models in this price category where users have to manually cut, rewind and place filament into small openings. In addition, the Magnetic Extruder Head attachment, can be easily removed and replaced to support a build volume of 200 mm x 200 mm x 185 mm).

Touch Screen-Assisted Bed Leveling: The STANLEY® Model 1 3D Printer features a 5-inch color touch screen display to guide users through the print process from start to finish. A critical step is analyzing the print bed position to ensure a level position and accurate prints. The display provides instructions on how to adjust and level the bed by indicating increments for moving the adjustment wheels. The printer also supports manual leveling.

Web Monitoring: A built-in web camera and internal LED lighting allows users to watch the 3D printing process remotely on a network via PC or mobile device.

Connectivity: Users can connect and control the STANLEY® Model 1 3D Printer using a PC, the included USB cable or through your home network using Ethernet or Wi-Fi. It also supports USB thumb drive which users can simply plug into the printer and print their 3D models.

Heated Bed: The STANLEY® Model 1 3D Printer includes a heated bed, which maintains a consistent temperature of the extruded filament and helps prevent warping during cool down.

Customer Support: Stanley Black & Decker, Inc. has a customer service team available for STANLEY® Model 1 3D Printer users.

The STANLEY® Model 1 3D Printer will be available for purchase exclusively on AMAZON for $1,325 (MSRP) and is covered by a one-year STANLEY limited lifetime warranty. Accessories and additional STANLEY 3D Printer cartridges are available for $49.99/each (MSRP) and Refill Filaments are $29.99/each (MSRP).


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