Lighthouse uses deep learning to do more than a typical security camera

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Personal security cameras have been a hot item recently. Whether you want to keep an eye on your kids or pets, monitor who may be at your front door, or as a smart home accessory, odds are you’ve debated adding one to your home. Unveiled today, the Lighthouse interactive assistant hopes to beat out competitors like Nest and Arlo with integrated deep learning, object recognition and other smart features.

Home security cameras are by no means a new product market. While they certainly have been becoming more intelligent and gaining new functionality, they are all by and large the same; just devices that let you record and remotely monitor your home. The Lighthouse team on the other hand, doesn’t view their new product as simply a security camera. Rather, Lighthouse fits into the “interactive assistant” category.

From the design perspective, its hard to contend that the device is anything but a modern security camera. It’s the tech inside though that lets Lighthouse stand apart from the rest. In terms of its camera specs, the device sports a 1080p RGB camera with 3D sensor and comes equipped with automatic night vision, a speaker, siren and microphone.

Accompanying the advanced camera is the equally important deep leaning and 3D-sensing technology which allows Lighthouse to determine who may be home, which part of a room they’re located in and if it may be an intruder or not. The camera pairs over Wi-Fi with a companion application for both iOS and Android devices, which allows users to remotely monitor their homes.

Fitting to the “interactive assistant” aspect, the app allows users to ask questions about what Lighthouse may have monitored, to which the device will find footage corresponding to the query. So you could ask “What did the kids do with the babysitter?” or “What did the dog do after I left?” and the camera will display relevant video. This saves time by removing the hassle of scrubbing through hours of video, or tuning in all day to watch live coverage.

As of today, preorders for Lighthouse are now available over on the product’s site. Starting at $399, you can pick up Lighthouse, which comes bundled with a year of its ‘Intelligence AI service’. Opting for a more expensive package priced at $499 earns you three years of the required premium service, as well as one of the devices. Lighthouse is estimated to start shipping in September.

If you can’t wait to add extra security to your home, Arlo’s Security System supports additional camera units, offers remote monitoring and night vision. 

Lighthouse uses deep learning and 3D sensing technology developed as part of the DARPA Grand Challenge to introduce an unprecedented level of awareness within the home while you’re away, accurately distinguishing between adults, children, pets and objects, known and unknown faces, and actions. The Lighthouse interactive assistant provides insight to three core things: what has happened, what is happening and what is happening that shouldn’t be happening.

“Having spent years working on 3D sensing and perception systems for self-driving cars, we came to realize that there was enormous potential for these systems to be useful and delightful in the home,” said Alex Teichman, co-founder and CEO of Lighthouse. “We exist to improve people’s lives through artificial intelligence, and we’re excited to be taking this first step.”

Source: Lighthouse

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