Aire is a voice-controlled security drone that keeps an eye on your home while you’re away

If you haven’t heard, smart speakers and voice assistants are all the rage right now. But if you’ve found something lacking in the stationery devices like the Amazon Echo, then do we have the perfect new gadget for you. Launching via Kickstarter, Aire combines a home assistant with a fully autonomous voice-controlled drone.

Both voice assistant-enabled speakers like the Amazon Echo and drones are some of the most popular gadgets on the market right now. So it’s no surprise that the folks over at Aevena Aire have combined the two into a single, voice-controlled assistant for your home.

Aire is based around a single propeller mounted in the device’s cylindrical shell. It ditches the quadcopter-design typically found in drones in favor of this flight system which is said to offer significantly increased battery life. The drone’s design also conceals the propeller blades, making it safer when navigating your home.

Aire differs from other drones in more ways than looks as well. With Aevena’s new gadget, it can be entirely controlled by your voice. That means there’s no need to be an expert pilot to get the most out of Aire. A companion iOS and Android app is available as well to assist with flying for when away from home.

So what all can this flying home assistant accomplish? Well Aire is packed with a 4K camera, speaker system, microphone array and more in order to offer a feature-packed roster. Aire sports much of the functionally you’d find within the Amazon Echo like smart home control and music playback. As of now Aire is also compatible with Alexa and IFTTT, further adding to the drone’s list of functionality.

It also doubles as a home security bot, allowing you to remotely check in on various rooms. With its 4K camera, Aire can capture 360° panoramic photos and will automatically respond to any anomalies it detects throughout your house. So gone are the days of worrying whether or not you left the stove on, simply send Aire to scout out the kitchen for you from anywhere.

Aire positions itself as an all-in one gadget for managing and keeping an eye on your smart home. If the idea of having a flying robot protect your home when you’re away is right up your alley, Aire is currently available for preorder on Kickstarter. Coming in at price of $749 the robot is said to be shipping in just about a year. With quite a long wait ahead it’ll be up to the device’s unique features to lock-in success.

Introducing Aire: the world’s first intelligent robotic home assistant capable of autonomous flight, voice-prompted commands, anomaly detection, security alerts and much more. With simple hands-free voice commands and minimalist smartphone app flight controls, anyone can easily control Aire from home or away, with no piloting experience required. With its sophisticated flight navigation, patented noise-reduction technology, 360° panoramic photos, Amazon Alexa integration, anomaly detection alerts, hands-free voice commands and programmable IFTTT capabilities, Aire re-imagines personal home robotics.

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