Halo Smart Security Camera blends quality design with image recognition and more

Smart devices are on the rise with more and more gadgets being added to our homes as time goes on. These products offer great benefits to our daily routines, smart home and more, but often times stand out from the rest of our decor. Halo, a new smart security camera breaks the mold and comes in a variety of styles to offer a more natural look that blends in with its surroundings.

Internet-connected home security cameras are by no means new. Practically every major player in the smart home space and beyond has released their own smartphone-enabled camera. Across the board these products share not just the ability to remotely view your home from afar, but also the same general form factor. That’s where Halo shines, offering a similar package of features in a more appealing design.

Halo is based around a solid 1080p camera array that sports automatic night vision, a wide-angle lens as well as a built-in speaker and microphone. The camera also features proprietary battery technology that’s been employed to offer 6-months of operation on a single charge. This means you aren’t tethered to an outlet and Halo can be placed almost anywhere you’d like.

You’ll also find some more advanced functionality packed within the smart camera. Temperature and humidity sensors expand on the monitored conditions and provide some data alongside the camera’s video feed. Halo also includes smart image recognition to provide more intelligent notifications than the typical camera may. So instead of just seeing a vague alert on your phone like “Halo has detected motion,” you’ll receive more in-tune and helpful notifications like “Andrea and Gavin are in the nursery.”

As you can probably expect, Halo pairs to a companion smartphone application. The app offers direct access to the camera’s live video, smart image detection notifications and more. Halo is also backed by a cloud platform which stores recorded video for later playback. The camera’s basic subscription allows you to access content up to 24 hours after recording but expanded plans will be available as well.

With its emphasis on quality, non-obtrustive design, Halo packs all of this functionality into a pretty slick looking casing. At launch the camera will be available in three basic styles with either gold or silver chrome accenting. With a choice of a wooden, white or black exteriors Halo should have a much easier job blending in with the other items in your home. Another big draw of the camera is that thanks to its built-in battery, you’ll never have to worry about unsightly cables.

As of now there’s still no solid details on when Halo will actually be available, or how much it may cost. My guess is that it won’t be on the more-affordable side based on its feature set and design choices. But until a final price is announced we’ll have to hold back judgment on whether it’s worth purchasing over one of the plenty of other internet-connected cameras. Still, Halo enters the market with a unique emphasis on design that will hopefully attract buyers regardless on the cost.

Introducing the first smart home security device designed to complement your beautiful home. Choose the style that suits your décor, place it anywhere and view your home directly on your mobile device. Halo Classic delivers a wire-free experience with an unprecedented battery life that lasts up to 6 months before needing to be recharged. By combining luxury design with advanced technology, you no longer have to compromise peace of mind for elegant style.

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