Bolster your smart home security with our five favorite HomeKit and Alexa-enabled devices

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August Smart Lock Pro

In our on-going endeavor to show you how to make the most out of your smart home, today we’ll be checking out another way to add greater utility to your smartphone-enabled gadgets. Bolstering your home’s security not only offers peace of mind, but can bring real benefits like break-in notifications, remote monitoring and more. Head below for five of the best smart home security devices from August, Eve, Ring and more.

Contact Sensor: Eve Door & Window $40

One of the most basic ways to bolster your setup of smart home security devices is by picking up some contact sensors. Great for placing on doors, windows and even your garage, these affordable devices are the linchpins of pretty much any security setup. For Siri-enabled homes, we can’t recommend the Eve Door & Window Sensor enough. 

Integrating right into HomeKit, the contact sensor can send you notifications when a door unexpectedly opens. Plus, thanks to the smart home compatibility, the devices allow you to schedule lights to turn on and trigger other commands when greeted by an unwelcome visitor.

Smart Cameras: Blink Indoor Security Camera System $100

We’ve previously recommended Arlo’s suite of cameras thanks to the line’s reliance on battery power. But for those seeking out more cost-effective options, there’s an entire market of other models to choose from. Another notable option is Blink Indoor Cameras, which were designed with smart home security in mind.

Standout features include two-years of battery life, a motion sensing alarm and Alexa support. What’s even better is that a single camera will run you $100, with bundles offering even lower price points. The line of security devices also come highly-rated, proving to be reliable options for thousands of home owners.

Smart Deadbolt: August Smart Lock Pro $220

In same vein of adding peace of mind to your abode, bringing a smart deadbolt into the mix will make worrying over forgetting to lock the front door a thing of the past. August’s Smart Lock Pro + Connect is one of the most notable options on the market and our top pick. It pairs a rich list of features with a more accessible price point than other alternatives. Plus, it isn’t limited to just single ecosystem.

Most notably, you’ll find HomeKit support leading the way. But the $220 Smart Lock Pro will also work with Alexa, Assistant and more. The included Connect adapter also opens the door to Wi-Fi control. That’s something other smart locks either lack or require you to shell out extra cash on other hardware. All things considered, arming your front door with a deadbolt is one of the most practical smart home security devices out there.

Smoke & CO Alarm: First Alert Z-Wave Alarm $45

It may not be the first thing that comes to mind on the topic of home security, but preparing for fires and other incidents is definitely a worthwhile aspect to cover with your smart home. Arming your home’s smoke and CO2 detectors with smart functionally allows you to review notifications when things go awry. So if you’re out on the town and something goes wrong, you’ll be able to more quickly handle the situation.

Those with a Z-Wave-compatible smart home can take advantage of First Alert’s $45 Smoke Detector and Carbon Monoxide Detector . It’s not only one of the most well-reviewed options out there, but enters with a pretty affordable price tag. In fact, it’s pretty competitive with other models that lack smartphone capabilities. 

Those with a HomeKit, Alexa or Assistant-based setup can still take advantage of the features by opting for Onelink’s Smoke Detector and Carbon Monoxide Detector. At $120, it’s a more expensive option. Though it does offer a wider range of smart home integrations compared to First Alert’s Z-Wave model. 

All-in Security System: Ring Alarm $199

Now, if none of the options we’ve discussed thus far seem like comprehensive enough solutions, fear not. While it’s a more in-depth route to take, going all-in with a uniform smart home security device setup certainly has its perks. Most systems incorporate just about all of the devices on our list. You’ll also find additional features like professional monitoring, a greater list of compatible devices, more tight-knit integration and the list goes on.

Entering as our top pick, the Ring Alarm System integrates with Alexa as well as a wide selection of other services like IFTTT and more. The entry-level starter kit includes a base station, range extender, keypad, motion detector and contact sensor. At $199 it’s a notable solution to tackling your home security woes.

Plus with Ring now being owned by Amazon, there’s less fear that the company will go out of business – rendering the hardware useless. And even if that were to happen, all of the compatible sensors rely on Z-Wave and ZigBee, meaning they can be reused with a wide range of other hubs like Abode.

Have you leveraged smartphone-enabled devices in a unique way to bolster smart home security? We’ve love to hear about it in the comments below.

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