Nyrius Aries Pro Review: Wireless HDMI with clear 1080p and no latency [Video]

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Adding a wireless HDMI connection to your home or office can open up a wide range of streaming options and can be another tool to help you cut the cable cord. If you often stream movies from a laptop, it makes viewing from the couch even more convenient. In the office it provides a clean, cable free connection to a display that can be easily moved and shared. If your TV is mounted on a wall and you want to avoid the cable clutter, a wireless connection quickly cleans it up. Wireless HDMI’s presence is also growing on production sets for video monitoring. Nyrius offers quite a few wireless solutions for HDMI transmission, but the $250 Aries Pro provides the smallest footprint matched with the best performance. Check out the video below.


Uncompressed 1080p video, zero latency and a 100-foot range top the list of features on the Nyrius Aries Pro. These are all crucial if you want the connection to perform as close to a regular wire as it can. Laggy video and audio connections can be incredibly frustrating, and Nyrius seeks to eliminate those issues with the Aries Pro.

In the Box

Everything needed for setup is included in the box. The receiver requires a HDMI cable and power adapter. On the transmitter, power is delivered through the included USB cable. Nyrius also includes hardware to mount the receiver on a wall for a clean installation. The angled HDMI to HDMI adapter turned out to be crucial for use in some applications.

Nyrius Aries Pro: Video

In Use

Getting started with the Aries Pro is as simple as plugging in all the cables and turning everything on. Plug in the receiver power adapter and HDMI cable, then plug in the transmitter to your device and plug in the USB cable for power. Then it should be good to go! If you need to step down to a smaller HDMI connector, adapters to change from HDMI to micro HDMI or to mini HDMI are also usable. There are two buttons on the receiver – one for power and pairing and the other for info. The transmitter has a single button for pairing.

Video quality is great with the Aries Pro. The uncompressed 1080p video feed looked just as good with the wireless connection as it did with a normal wired HDMI.

Zero latency is a huge feature for wireless HDMI. In my experience, latency was imperceptible. Flicking the thumbstick of my Elite controller while playing Battlefield V on my Xbox One still felt snappy and I didn’t feel like my display was lagging behind my input – not any more than usual, at least. This was my biggest concern with using the Aries Pro for gaming, but it ended up being a non-issue.

Range is pretty good on the Aries Pro. I had the receiver hooked up to a monitor at one end of my basement, and was able to get clear video in the room directly above it and in the next room over on the main floor. Moving to the far side of the house, with my router in the middle, made it lose connection. I wasn’t able to test a straight 100-foot line of sight, but overall I was impressed with what it could do.

The size of the transmitter can be a little cumbersome at times, but the angled adapter helps to alleviate those issues. When plugged straight into my MacBook pro, it would cover up the USB and SD card slots. On my Xbox, it interferes with the power cable. But, with the angled adapter, I was still able to use the Aries Pro without any issues.


At $250, the Aries Pro is a pretty good deal for what it offers. Nyrius also carries the $200 Aries Prime, which has the same 1080p with no latency, but only transmits 30 ft. Either way, the Nyrius Aries Pro gives you great flexibility with by cutting the HDMI cord.

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