AndaSeat Fnatic Edition Review: Stands out with build quality and color [Video]

Proper ergonomic support while gaming or working has never been more important with the rise in both working from home and gaming in general. Mix that with the rise in e-sports and supporting your favorite team, and we get great options like the $449.99 AndaSeat Fnatic Edition Premium Gaming Chair. Head below to watch the video and take a closer look at the features of this chair. 

Out of the box and setup

Altogether, the AndaSeat Fnatic Edtion weighs in at over 73lbs. It’s a beefy chair, but getting it out of the box and set up is pretty simple and easy to follow with the included instructions. It takes probably 15-20 minutes to get set up, and all of the necessary tools are included within the packaging. 

With everything set up, the AndaSeat Fnatic Edition feels solid. Its size matched with robust construction makes it feel like it will support a lot of weight and is built to last. AndaSeat recommends heights from 180-210cm or 5’10”-6’10”. With a recommended load of less than 150kg or 330lbs, the AndaSeat can also support up to 200kg or 440lbs. At 6’1” and about 168lbs, the AndaSeat has more than enough height and support for me. 

Black and orange all over

Scattered all over the chair are black and orange accents that show off the Fnatic logo and brand. On the back is a large embroidered symbol, while on the front, there is another logo both on the seat and the lumbar pillow when that is in use. Also, along the perimeter of the chair is another Fnatic logo on either side of the headrest. 

AndaSeat Fnatic Edition: Video

Massive support

Along with the robust, solid build quality, the AndaSeat Fnatic Edition also has plenty of adjustability for supporting posture while gaming and working. First off, the arms have four-way movement to make sure they can get in the proper position for your arms and desk. 

One of my favorite parts about the chair is that the arms can get low enough to push the chair under my desk and get close when gaming. Because of the way my desk is built, there is a large cross piece running across the whole length, and with some other chairs, I would have to put the seat too low to fit the arms underneath. But the arms on the Fnatic Edition easily get low enough that this isn’t an issue.

Lumbar support pillow

For adjustable back support, the AndaSeat Fnatic Edition also comes with a large, Fnatic-themed lumbar support cushion. It can move up and down in the back of the seat to get in the best placement for your body. It doesn’t stay in that spot, though. So if you want to move it higher up on your back, you’ll have to adjust that every time. 

Memory foam neck pillow

AndaSeat also includes a neck pillow with the Fnatic Edition. It’s easy to install and remove with a simple strap. For me, I couldn’t get the neck pillow to stay in the proper position for my height. It would hit at the top of my shoulders rather than my neck. I could physically pull up the pillow every time I wanted to get the support, but that was more of a nuisance, so I just didn’t use it. 

Other adjustments

The back angle has 160-degree adjustability to lay almost completely horizontally when used with the rocking base. 

Height can be adjusted by 2.5 inches with the hydraulic cylinder, and rocking can also be adjusted with the dial underneath or completely locked with the handle of the left side of the chair. 


Using the AndaSeat Fnatic Edition for a while, there are plenty of great features to this chair. Build quality is top-notch, and the adjustability of it makes it versatile for different body types. It is a big chair meant for bigger bodies, but it can also give more room for sitting cross-legged or have a leg up while gaming. 

Seating, ergonomics, and comfort will all be subjective for users. There are plenty of different styles of chairs with different sizes and purposes. For me and how I sit, the AndaSeat Fnatic Edition can be a bit too big. I’ve found that the Autonomous Kinn fits my body better throughout most of the workday. It’s still a great chair with incredible build quality and holds high the Fnatic colors, but it just isn’t the best fit for my body.

AndaSeat Fnatic Edition final thoughts

Overall, like most chairs and ergonomic pieces, your mileage may vary with comfort and support on the AndaSeat Fnatic Edition. I’m very impressed with the top-notch build quality, and the materials feel premium as well. Of course, if you’re a Fnatic fan, this is going to be much more appealing, and the black and orange colorway is attractive and proudly displays the gaming brand. 

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