Take your new companion everywhere you go in the latest No Man’s Sky update, available now

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No Man’s Sky can be a pretty lonely game. I mean, when it first launched, you couldn’t even play with other Travelers unless you happened to stumble upon someone randomly…which wasn’t likely. While we now have a fully-fledged multiplayer experience, it’s not always possible to play with friends. Well, the team at Hello Games decided to do something about that and finally delivered on something the community has asked for almost since the game starter: companions. In the latest No Man’s Sky update, you’ll be able to tame and adopt creatures that you find roaming the universe and bond them to your Traveler, allowing them to be summoned anywhere you are.

Companions finally come to No Man’s Sky in latest update

Travelers have been waiting for companions to come to No Man’s Sky for quite some time. Well, it’s finally here. According to the latest blog post from No Man’s Sky, you’ll now be able to tame and adopt “…infinite and varied creatures you find roaming the universe” as your companion. You just have to tame them, bond them to your character, and then they can be summoned anywhere you are…even on the Space Anomaly.

Care for your companion as they grow up in No Man’s Sky

Some creatures start out as babies, which will “inherit looks and traits from their parent.” However, they’ll never actually be the same. As time goes on, you’ll need to care for the little ones as they grow up from just a wee spawn to fully mature.

Earn their trust and give them attention as you go

You’ll have to play with, feed, and give attention to your new companion. This goes a long way in earning their trust and building an inseparable bond between you two. Don’t skimp on the creature pellets, as a little can go a long way here.

Companions are for more than just never being lonely; they have quite a few benefits too

Your companion isn’t just to keep you company on long journeys. They come with quite a few benefits, including: scanning for resources, marking hazards, providing a torch, hunting hostile creatures, locating buildings, digging treasures, and even deploying a shoulder-mounted mining laser to help you gather resources.

Each companion also has a unique personality, making them one-of-a-kind. This personality influences how they both behave and think, so be sure to watch out for that.

Collect, hatch, and talk with your new friend

Companions will have a neural link to your exosuit once you put their harness on that allows for some translation to occur throughout your travels, giving you some insight as to what they’re thinking or saying throughout the day.

You’ll also be able to collect up to six companions as you travel across the galaxy, giving you the ability to harness different features, ideals, and more.

Plus, if you care for your companion, eventually they’ll be able to lay eggs. Incubate these eggs in your exosuit, and eventually, it’ll hatch into a brand-new lifeform.

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