WD unveils encrypted ArmorLock SSD that unlocks using your smartphone

ArmorLock SSD

Roughly 16 to 17 months after Western Digital debuted its rugged ArmorATD drives, the company’s now ready to take things to the next level. Not only can the new not only ArmorLock SSD handle drops and resist crushes, but it also aims to make data encryption a cinch. Gone are the days of needing to decrypt using a complex password. The latest G-Technology storage solution can let your smartphone to do all of that heavy-lifting. That’s right, a companion application lets you lock and unlock your data using biometrics. Continue reading to learn more.

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SanDisk launches the “world’s fastest UHS-I 1TB SD card” + more at IBC

SanDisk just announced the “world’s fastest UHS-I SD card” with a massive 1TB capacity alongside new CFexpress Cards. This will be a go-to for videographers and photographers alike who hate having to change out SD cards mid-shoot. Plus, G-Technology launched a new 5TB ArmorATD rugged portable hard drive and 2TB Mobile Pro SSD. Keep reading to find out how these products can help make your mobile workflow that much better.

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Western Digital’s new USB-C ArmorATD portable drives can withstand a serious beating


Data loss can get catch any of us by surprise. For the longest time, average consumers stored the majority of their data on PCs, without keeping physical or cloud backups in mind. Fast forward to today and most store everything on a smartphone and use either Google and Apple backup methods to keep safe.

Catches apply to heavy users when running out of free iCloud storage or suffering from image resolution downgrades in Google Photos’ free tier. In these types of cases, external hard drives are the way to go, and Western Digital’s new G-Technology ArmorATD portable drives work very hard to keep data protected.

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G-Technology launches new G-Speed Shuttle Thunderbolt 3 storage unit

Today Western Digital revealed two new external storage solutions from its G-Technology product line. The G-Speed Shuttle with Thunderbolt 3, is one that will probably interest iMac Pro and MacBook Pro owners the most. It’s an external storage unit with dual Thunderbolt 3 ports and up to 48TB of storage in RAID 0, 1, 5, and 10 in a 4-bay transportable form factor.

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