Review: The new hybrid USB-C Tula Mic brings retro vibes and 8GB of built-in recording

Tula Mic Review Hero

After getting our first look at the Tula mic in September, we have now had a chance to go hands-on with the new hybrid. Designed by the same team responsible for the professional Soyuz tube mics, Tula is a culmination of high-end recording expertise with a focus on affordability and standing out from the pack. It is specifically tailored to folks interested in field recordings, podcast discussions, and interviews, as well as musical recording and the like. It combines typical USB microphone features with a unique, retro-inspired design and some interesting tricks up its sleeve including built-in recording to its internal storage, noise cancellation, and the ability to connect another mic to it for 2-track recording. Head below for a closer look and our hands-on impressions of the new Tula mic. 

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New USB Tula Mic doubles as a standalone 8GB recorder with retro style

Today we are taking a closer look at the Tula Mic. The new USB microphone comes by way of the the same folks responsible for the high-end, Russian-made Soyuz tube mics, like this $4,000 017 TUBE V2, as an all-in-one solution for content creators, podcasters, and more. Combining a high-quality USB microphone with what is essentially a mobile recorder, the Tula combines expert engineering with a focus on practicality and affordability. Head below for more details.

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