All-new NERF HYPER lineup fires at 110 feet per second with 3-4x blaster round capacity


If previous NERF blasters felt a little too childish for you in the past, it may be time to have another look. An all-new NERF HYPER line has been unveiled and these blasters can pack a punch. There are three new units, each of which “fires rounds at extreme speed [of] up to 110 feet per second.” All of the new blasters are made with “high-energy, competitive action,” which is probably why the new NERF lineup will be sold alongside a collection of protective masks. Continue reading to learn more.

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NERF’s new Rival Curve Shot blasters let you shoot around corners

Today, NERF is out with its latest collection of blasters, this time expanding the more competitive Rival lineup with a series of new foam arsenal upgrades. Introducing a new feature, the upcoming NERF Rival Curve Shot series lives up to its name with the ability to shoot around corners. Head below for a closer look at all three of the upcoming blasters and all of the details on when you can add them to your own NERF armament.

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Nerf readies Halo MA40 blasters, launching pre-orders that bundle game content

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Back in February, we got wind that several Halo-inspired Nerf blasters were on the way. As you’d expect, the debut of these has been slated to coincide with Halo Infinite and Xbox Series X releases later this year. This is now more official than ever with Nerf’s motorized Halo MA40 now available for pre-order. Not only does this listing confirm an official launch price, it also clarifies when folks can get this blaster in their hands. Its clip holds 10 darts, all of which come included. Continue reading to learn more.

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